Uneven matckmaking

9.0 is quite nice if you have a real 9.0 lineup (Italy comes to mind) - you get pulled into a few uptiers but it generally doesn’t devolve into 5 minute snowball matches. I wouldn’t really go higher than that though…

I’m afraid I’m too old for these fast battles ^^

Old age and treachery still beat out a lot… ;)

(as a fellow sorta-old person, I feel your pain)

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what br do you play bro. I play 1.0 and it takes less than 3 seconds to find a game…that mainly relies on your BR

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a curb stomping in one match before.

Evemy team literally only has 4 kills.

For a brief two months, I did experience a complete balance in matchmaking. It was wonderful. However, it has reverted to one sided matches once again.

After one death, I encourage anyone on a lopsided match to watch for a moment or two, see how the match is going. If it is clearly against your team, leave the match. Do not spend additional SL on your repair costs if Gaijin can’t or won’t improve the situation.

AFAIK it was not changed and not reverted, you just had more “luck” for a month…
(Although it is not impossible something changed and was reverted that had some effect…i just doubt it was matchmaking)

I have good days and bad days…and never saw anything that made me think matchmaking isn’t just RNG (the skill part…BR does has an effect). Sometimes i am on a team that knows it all, others i am with a lot that has no idea what they are doing, on the same day…usually something in the middle. If i play several games on similar BR i do see some of the same players and they move around between teams…

There is something that should be considered for anyone using this argument…
MOST BATTLES END lopsided…as some side gained the advantage and expanded it…but IMHO MOST BATTLES will be BALANCED up to the tilting point, which is usually several minutes into the game…so game is fun until then…
Lopsided battles from the start are actually not that common in my games…

I actually like “last stands” so i usually spawn even late just to try to get some with me…but i admit this is not a very sound idea :)

There’s lots of leavers now. Had one match yesterday where 6 people left before the match even began. Some people just hold J to blow up all 3 of their vehicles so they don’t get crew locked.

Most battles are just lobsided curb stomps though. It’s pretty rare that I have a match where there’s 3-4 tanks left at the end battling it out and you win or lose by literally a couple of tickets.

I can appreciate some players better than others. I am sure I am better than some. While others are better than me. However, when ALL better players are on one side vs the other on a regular basis causes me to question the matchmaking. I used to program and know Gaijin could definitely program this virtual world to not do that. Particularly, when there was a 2 month window when most matches I was in were balanced.

That is crazy.

i noticed im playing with the same people not days but weeks in a row

Matchmaking is not broken as it never really worked. It is a contradiction to itself, if as we are lead to believe skill, crew skills and modifications actually mean something in the game then why are they not included in the matchmaking process.
Either they do not matter and the game is just a dice rolling luck based entity with the programming parameter that every user should have a 50% win rate or they do matter (hence the stomp games, ridiculous kill streak numbers etc.) in which case it is lazy matchmaking or the balance and player enjoyment is actually not the prime motive, I suspect this is the case and the prime motive is queue times to which everything is sacrificed. So we the players end up with a pretty shit matchmaking system and an even shittier game.

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The matchmaker prioritizes queue times over everything else. There’s no real semblance of trying to balance teams because a squad of 4 rank 100 players with 80%+ win rates can be downtiered against rank 10-20 players.

Matches are usually just curb stomps most of the time and are over in <8 minutes. Long matches that are >12 minutes long just increase the queue times for everyone.

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Regretably, I do agree. Though this uneven matchmaking effects all aspects of the game, such as the Battle Tasks. For example, some Battle Tasks require a Win plus a kill, etc. If one is constantly put on losing teams, these Battle Tasks and their prizes become irrelevant. I for one, have begun to not play to achieve some Battle Tasks. Gaijin might say so what. However, this means I am not achieve a discount on Buying a vehicle by not playing for the Battle Task. Thus, in the end, Gaijin loses out on hard cash.

Exactly without a ranking or league system you just end up in unbalanced teams. Ohhh all the vehicles might be balanced ( most of the time they are not) but if you on a team where 75% + are just not interested in even attempting to play the game then it just makes it a poor customer experience. Now I invest as little time as possible and certainly no cash at all, at one point I was interested in the battle pass but it is just not worth it attempting to get the tasks done with a disinterested team who are just messing and joking around.

Absolutely so. Otherwise the MM gives one team an overwhelming advantage. It seems that this intentional to reduce queue times but I really don’t have a sufficient sample size to support this claim. It could easily perception bias on my part.

balanced MM ,dont think so a 2.7 tank with 37mm gun vs 3.7 tank with 75 or 105 gun only one outcome

i’ve just spent 2 hours reading this entire threatd. my conclusion : i don’t really care about how war thunder is coded, because i ain’t the one that decide how its coded. what bother me is that there are 2 kind of players. 1 kind would like for the matchmaking system to be re-worked even going soo far as sugesting ways this could be made. and the other kind of player love the game the way it is (and thats fine) what is not fine is gaslighting everyone that don’t into trying to convince them that they are wrong for not liking this or that and how every single suggestions as to what could be changed would be ‘wrong’ and ‘cause more issue’. i hate gaslighter with a passion. no one need to feel concerned by this, as i am not going to name any human on this earth. but if someone feel like the hat fit them, then good for them ? god i hate this comunity with a passion.

Several minutes is not good enough.

The battles could be more even for a lot longer than that if Gaijin gave a little less priority to queue times and more to weighing in crews ranks and win-rates.

As already mentioned, queue times, queue times. This is practically the second most important focus of the company and the game, firstly being plundering and raping you wallet.
Premium vehicles, one death leavers, strange RNG and what appears to be bugs (but are most probably code/features used to shorten matches and queue times) all symptoms of the disease of the quest for short queue times.
It will never change too few players and too many modes, BR brackets and vehicles in the game to make it better, by trying to cram in every ship, plane and vehicle ever made, mocked up wooden prototype or dreamed up fever vision in a drive for a Guinness world record for the most amount of useless crap in a game they have become victims of their own success.