Uneven distribution to match by BR or tiers

Hi, I think after last updates, I noticed uneven or not equal joining to matches with bigger BR or to top tiers.
I played 25 games, 13 was in full top tier(my best tank was 100), 11was in middle top tier (110) and 1 game was in middle low tier (150).
I hope that is some bug in algorithm and not intentional acts as make players sick and tiered of this games.
Could you someone from Gajin elaborates to me why is this happen ?



I’m not from Gaijin but it can be explained with basic statistics. There are 2 factors at play here.

First one is the matchmaking rules. In any team, maximum number of players who can be top tier is 4 and there is no minimum. For example, if you are playing a 4.3-5.3 battle, both teams cannot have more than 4 players who have 5.3 vehicles. Assuming 16 player teams, this makes up 25% of the team. So, you should expect to see 25% of your games to be downtier. Since there is no minimum it is usually lower than that, expect 12% to 18% of your games to be like that. Therefore, an unbalanced distribution is expected.

Second one is the queue. Assume that you are queuing for 5.3 br. No one else is queuing for 4.3, 4.7 or 5.0; and a lot of people are in the queue for 5.7 and 6.0 br. If the matchmaker cannot form a 4.3-5.3, 4.7-5.7 or 5.0-6.0 battle, you will naturally see a lot of uptiers.

To make sure, is your best tank a medium tank? For medium tanks 150 spawn cost means you are in a full downtier. Anyway, I suggest you don’t be discouraged by uptiers. Even when you are in a full uptier, you will only see 4 vehicles 1.0 br above your vehicles at worst. If you are 0.3 above the lowest br, (say 4.7 in a 4.3-5.3 battle) you are actually fighting against 4.3, 4.7 and 5.0 vehicles except for very few 5.3 vehicles. So ±0.3 br of your own. This seems like a fair fight to me, as running away is always an option when facing those 4 top tier enemies.

Thank you for answer and opinion.
I understand your point and everything will be fine if there would be some “healthy ratio” of these full toptier battles.
Now, I have played another 5 games, all in full toptier and I dont think so that this is healthy ratio. Now from 30 games 18 was full toptier.
And one thing at the end, I played this game idk, since 2017 and never was this sick ratio of full toptier games. I barely save money on new tanks.