Unclear game EULA

Hello does anybody know exactly where in the eula it states that you cannot use a VPN or somthing like Cloudflare Warp

there has been endless amount of acccounts banned for such but nowhere does the game state upfront you cannot use such services

i have read the eula multiple times and the specific rules i cannot find any legitimate refference to where using a vpn say you live in australia and have the vpn set to australia breaks any sort of tos
yet people are getting their accounts banned and gaijin does not clearly label them as against any sort of rule clearly where other companys will detect a vpn or annonymiser and kick the connection warning you

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Interesting. You make a good point. I can’t find it in there either.

Although there’s no specific reference to VPN so there is…

3.2.3 " * use the Game, knowingly or unintentionally, in violation of any applicable law or regulation, or contribute to a violation of any applicable law or regulation;"

Some countries ban, restrict or require registration of the use of VPNs, and among these are China and Russia. If your VPN is in, or identifying its location as one of those it could be triggering an automated warning. Worst case is the authorities could force a ban or threaten Gaijin if they ignored the request.

i know of people who have been banned in australia with one set to australia due to them using satelite internet services like starlink whome dont provide a standard ip address or downlink location to its service holders meaning the vpn is nessasry to provide a stable connection to various services

Would love to get an answer from any game masters or moderators since I have to use VPN sometimes as well

I believe this may be the answer you seek.

3.2.8. No unauthorized connections
use, facilitate, create or maintain any unauthorized connections to the Game, including, without limitation, (1) any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates or attempts to emulate any part of the Game, or (2) any connection using programs, specialized tools, software not permitted by Gaijin.

Connecting to the game through a VPN would SEEM to violate this part of the EULA as they are software probably not permitted by Gaijin.

Best to contact support about inquiries of this nature