When I started playing 105 days ago, I started with US. I made it to 3.3 BR. After a lot of frustration, I changed to Germany and It was better. I ground out to 8.3 and felt frustration again. So, I changed to Russia and love it. I am currently at 8.7 and feel like I have finally learned how to play properly for the most part. I don’t concider myself “good”. I’m ok. What is unbearable is jumping back to US. I feel like I would like to grind US up to 8.0 to compare them to Germany and Russia. It sucks for US. I am at a 5.7 BR and I am 100% uptiered a full tier every single match. I don’t even know if the M2A2 and the Jumbo are any good at their BR because I have never seen it. I shot Germans and Russians in weak spots and don’t scratch them. It’s terrible. After 5 or 6 matches, I just go back to playing Russian tanks and feel better about myself. Is it just bad luck for me to be Uptiered every match with US, or is that just the mechanics for their BR in that range? If I will suffer through it, will it get better? Or, should I just quit wasting my time with it?

8.3 in 105 days?

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Don’t judge me. :) I play 8-12 hours a day. I have an addictive personality to state the obvious.


I probably won’t help you, but I have similar feelings when playing USA or Germany, that it’s hard to play.
I don’t have the Russian tree grinded to the same level as the USA and Germany.
Maybe it’s just a lack of my skills and a problem with learning to play these nations, I don’t know. That’s why I play air battles most often ;)

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… eehhmm … I went to 10.3 in Germany, 8.3 US, 7.7 RU and 5.3 GB in ~ 140 days. Completed 216 vehicles and unlocked 409 vehicles. I have premium and too much time on my hand ^^


Are you on PC?

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Yeah every day. There isn’t much that I can do out here in the north of Sweden besides supporting my wife in her business and doing homework.


Not sure if you’re playing ground arcade or RB, but I play only RB when playing ground and the US has a really good SPAA in the M16 MGMC at 2.7 BR. I think the 3.0-5.0 BR range is only so-so for the US tanks, but when you get to the 5.0s you’ll start liking it more (or at least I did anyhow). M6A1 is fun in the right situations, the M4A1 (76) W is decent enough, the M36 can do some amazing things in the right hands, etc. And if you’re into premium vehicles at all, the US T14 at 4.7 BR is a pretty solid tank. (One of my faves in that BR, tbh.) And keep that M16 MGMC in your lineup… I take it into 7.0 BR matches and it can hold its own. But what about planes? US CAS is really good at that 4.0-6.0 BR range. P-47s, P-51s, P-38s… they can all ruin Team Red players’ days in a hurry.

I think you’re just in that funky spot in the US tech tree. I’d encourage you to keep at it.


don’t bother at all, just play Russia

How can I achieve this Lifestyle?

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Achieve the so called FU-status. FU-status = own property with a house, enough money and prepared for most eventualities.

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Can I move in with you ?


Some of it is that 6.7 is a very popular BR range for many nations, especially with the recent changes to vehicle BR’s in that area; when i was playing my 5.7 or 6.0 lineup for China i got a bunch of uptiers constantly. Like someone else said, there are some rough parts in most trees and there’s a couple for America. I’m finally at the end of the US tree just unlocked the m1a2 SEP recently, got China and Russia to 8.0, Germany to 7.0, and everything else around the 5.0 area for the other nations. The US kinda starts getting outgunned around 5.7/6.0, the 76 imo just starts falling off by comparison, it isn’t bad per se, as it has enough pen to still go through weak points and deal considerable damage if you know where to aim…but many of the other nations don’t have to work so hard as they can pen you anywhere. US 6.7 is a very strong lineup typically and for a long time was one of my favorites but head into like 7.7-almost 10.0 a similar thing happens where it feels like the US tanks start falling behind. In some instances, you’re only real option is Heat-fs because your other round is like a sub-300mm pen apds or dart…where some other nations have access to like 300mm pen APHE or like 300mm+ pen dart; another thing is some of the nations start getting laser rangefinders a bit before you, like my 8.0 China has 3 tanks with laser rangefinders…whereas the US doesn’t get one until like 9.0/9.3.

You can do it in yourself. Houses here in the north of Sweden are cheap but you have to deal with higher taxes (which are used better then in most countries), cold weather (we got our 1st week with -25°C) and higher living costs for food and other stuff. Otherwise I can recommend you Robert Kiyosaki. And with this said I recommend back to topic ;-)

Either get used to up tiers or play a different game. Those are your options.

You will get up tiers at least 60% of the time. most likely more, id say more accurately 7/10 games will be up tiers

i personally would be fine with having No uptiers, or the lowering of the BR’s , and having longer wait times, but i doubt they will do that.

You will just need to realize when you are in an up tier and play accordingly. The example i like to use is you can take an M22 to basically any BR and get kills/side shots. You just have to play smart. So any tank/vehicle that you have, you Should be able to play in a (full) up tier, since it is better than an M22.