Unban appeal

I can’t find any gamemasters to contact, all the links i find are expired to contact a gamemaster. I got chat banned for 30 days after I got abit heated/angry and used words insulting Russians for being bias, like Russian vehicle bias, but the ban is for “racism”. In anger at slow grinding the british tree pain at early cold war I insulted the russians as baised and such but i only meant anything i said towards the russian vehicle tree because i hate is-variants and t-55amds balance wise compared to UK and the trolly APDS angers me.
maybe i have a skill issue or whatever, im past that part of the tree now so its fine, sorry i had some rage but i didnt mean to offend the russian people, i was annoyed at always dying to russian vehicles.

I would like to appeal this chat ban to be removed, i mean no harm, peace and love to the world, i had a gamer moment, and i will refrain from mentioning such things in the moment.
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Put in a support ticket

Who is who and Reporting Procedure you need to go to this like to discuss it with whoever is listed to deal with it. Serve your ban, and dont do it again or else you’ll be banned again. but of course you already knew that.


Sounds like you deserved it so take it.


sounds like you didnt read

No, just reading from what you yourself confirmed, he’s right.


I don’t want be a jerk, but - technically seen “Russian” is no race, so it can’t be racist by definition.

Insults as admitted are justifying a ban, so the outcome looks correct, but the punishment should be based on a valid “crime” or “misbehavior”.

So as the ban will pop up the next 30 days it might be a good idea to change the reason for the ban.

I’ll have to check the exact report and chatlog, which I can’t do right now, but just judging from what he said, a chat ban is in order.

Whether it is for hate speech, racism, xenophobic remarks or whatever is of little importance as the outcome is exactly the same, We just have a limited number of “categories” to select there, so the descriptions may not always fit the case perfectly: If there is a provable offense, there will be a punishment.

Maybe xenophobic remarks would have been a better description here than racism, but this I can only see once I open the report.


However, on the other hand, we are in a computer game and we can safely assume that there will be some % of people who completely ignore ethnic, historical and geographical aspects. When I say Russia, I simply mean the nation in the game. And this is how the huge player base approaches it, because many of us play with friends from Russia, Ukraine, Germany or the USA but swear at Russia (as a nation in the game) for their magical armor, non-exploding ammunition or other nonsense that devs say here.

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Next time don’t be angry. Feel just pity. The bias is just pathetic.

thats the plan

As far as I remember I clearly am annoyed at their vehicles, not the russians, just like russians ingame as a tech tree

love the russian language and people

yes this is how I was seeing at the time, I have Russian friends, I do not mean any offense, the magical armor was the annoying part (mostly my cope at british APDS angled pen before 8.3+, ill admit its cope)

specifically the part about ethnic groups. By this defenition, one can be racist to an ethnic group, and russian is an ethnic group:

So by these defenitions, the first ones that come up with a simple google search, they can correctly class the comments against “russians” as racist. Weather or not you or I agree with the defenitions, is irellivent.Gaijin has all right to use them.

I guess so but like i was on about the ingame tech tree still when i was on about russians

Why are you like this? SJWism is about imagining a victim exists to be offended. Applying this much scientific research into definitions of words still aims to imagine an offended person. The guy says he was clearly trying to talk about the tank tree. This is ridiculous.

Somebody could have still been offended though.

Report systems are weapons which is why they are entirely problematic to games. Claiming the reports are proof of someone being offended, that you aren’t imagining a victim, is to undermine the competitive spirit of the game and ignore it even. People report as a means to fight each other, not express their virtuous concerns. Anybody claiming they are is thus just virtue signaling. Actual offended parties should give well defined text messages to moderation staff if they’re truly upset. Even then there is room for manipulating this method.

Games with report systems just look bad to me. It’s like they’re advertising that they “don’t get it.”

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As some already mentioned, you need to contact Game Master via PM.
All Game Masters are available on STAFF tab in Navigation menu.