Unbalancing the Skies: The Controversy Surrounding Pantsir S1 in War Thunder

According to stat-card maybe, but not in practice. TOR-M1 is very easy to dodge. Completely useless if the aircraft is close, and the missile trail make it easy to spot and dodge at range.

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If you think TOR-M1 is easy to dodge then you’ve never been hit by any SPAA’s missile ever.
TOR-M1 is the final hill for me, I can avoid being hit by all others, but TOR’s constant 33G pull out to 12km is a bit difficult.

They need to just give everyone else similar capabilities (or better ones). And if for some reason we don’t get new SPAA with 20km range like the Pantsir, they could always add things like the AH-64E with 8 Spike N-LOS missiles to even the playing field in the struggle for air supremacy.

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Should have just given the Russians the TOR M1 tbh.


The S-1 has a 80 Degree arc. Sit above it.

I have almost no issues with the S-1 with the F-16C and J39C. ITO on the other hand… that thing can die in the cave it was born.

I’ve hardly ever been hit by the TOR because I see it coming. The pantsir gets me quite often however since I have no idea the missle is even in the air, and the planes I usually fly out at top tier don’t have the manouverability to dodge it. And just to be clear, I’m not flying out CAS. It’s usually phantoms or starfighters.

You just fly like you’re always launched on and you never die.
You don’t need much maneuverability against Pantsir cause the missile’s not good enough, you just need to be fast and high.

If you get into the dead zone above a Pantsir, it’s entirely the Pantsir’s fault.


Feel you, it goers both ways

But I heard CAS is overpowered

Just because CAs is op doesn’t mean one country (or 2-3) should be a LOT more capable than other countries…

Pulling as hard as possible in an F-16 and still having the 3rd missile hit is not easy to dodge.

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Just point your nose straight at the TOR, do a little spin for each missile, and once you’re close enough just gun it down. At least that was how easy it was last time I used the TOR…

I back this.

Gaijin, when are you going to fix the anti-aircraft balance? This is the best proof that the Russian bias is real. Shame on you, Gaijin, for such an ugly gameplay, shame on you! This shows how far away the game is from balance.

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ASAP i spawn with an Aircraft im dead so there is no fun , smaller maps you cant hide. Pantsir should be removed , until they make larger maps or fix the problem.

Level the playing field between something which costs 700 SP and knowledge/skill vs something which requires 70 SP and zero skill? I have the Pantsir, I know how easy it is to use.

I’d had the pantsir shoot me down when I’m at 10km altitude going mach 1 and weaving side to side to bleed the missiles.

It’s a level of capability far beyond every other SPAA in the game, and is fairly typical of Gaijin to give Russia their slice of Bias. Even the Strela is better than most other nations “best SPAA,” and that’s at 10.0 lmfao.

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No cas does not require skill not any bit