Unbalancing the Skies: The Controversy Surrounding Pantsir S1 in War Thunder

The presence of the Pantsir S1 is significantly unbalancing the game, especially considering that most War Thunder maps are small. You barely spawn in an airplane or helicopter before finding yourself under fire, as it is the only anti-aircraft unit in the game capable of hitting targets at 20 km with its missiles. Is it fair for these missiles to reach 20 km, even at altitude, considering the energy loss when ascending? I was flying at 12 km altitude and still got hit. It seems unlikely that War Thunder will address this issue, so it would be wise to add equivalent missiles for other nations, given the substantial difference between 10 km and 20 km. Is there any Swedish anti-aircraft unit capable of reaching 20 km? If so, what would it be? And which nation in War Thunder truly has nothing comparable? If War Thunder seeks balance, the Pantsir S1 is currently far from contributing to that.

pantisir 1111


I like how they nerfed the Tunguska to make the Pantsir more viable lol. Gaijin will not remove it from the game so the only option is to add equivalent stuff to other tech trees. But in a lot of cases Gaijins hands are tied when it comes to adding new SPAA due to differing air defense doctrine especially among NATO countries.

Great way to unnecessarily put yourself in a bad position, Gaijin!


Its very easy to kill in high tier CAS. JH-7A, JAS39A, F-16D, Harrier Gr.7, Mirage 2K’s, etc, etc.


Certainly. That’s why other nations should receive missile systems with a range of up to 20 km. It’s extremely frustrating to play as a German and watch planes at 10 km altitude dropping bombs on you while you can’t do anything about it. But when you try to level the playing field to counterattack, the Russian Pantsir1 system kills you from 20 km away.


I think you misread that. Those high tier CAS demolish the Pantsir.

All you have to do to dodge the Pantsir missiles is turn back and forth and bleed it of all its energy.

If you’re not just flying AFK in a straight line, can’t be hit by it at 8km let alone 20km.


I don’t like to keep complaining about Russian Bias. I’m one of the oldest War Thunder players, from the time when the game only had airplanes and first-generation jets. I can assure you I’ve seen many things, like the YAK-9T, which was feared by players, killing everyone indiscriminately, not to mention the clash between the IS-4 and the JagdTiger, where a heavily armored IS-4 confronted a German tank that could only shoot forward, hahaha. I don’t understand why War Thunder allows these discrepancies to happen, even though it’s a great game. That’s why I keep playing it, as part of the old guard. However, it would be advisable to fix the Pantsir-S1 problem, as constant imbalances may cause people to give up playing.


I would love a general “spaa update”. No top tier tanks/planes added, just an update that only adds spaa to fill some gaps.


Make a deal with the devil(snail) and have top tier premium spaa that are just leagues better than the panstir.

But yeah, I dont like their hyper fixation on adding top tier mbts, jets, and premiums. I really want them to take a nice year long break from it and give spaa and low/mid ranks some attention.

Better yet, have an update cycle that does that. We have 5 updates a year. Do something like 1 update is low rank stuff, 1 is mid rank, 2 are top tier, and 1 is naval/heli.

What do you even mean by russian bias?

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as far as im aware nobody else has made an SPAA with that range

usually nations rely on heavier emplaced systems such as Patriot or S-300 for Anti Air protection on this kind of range

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I’m not too sure about all nations, but I know China made similar SPAA (and they have been submitted as suggestions in this forum), and I believe Israel has similar SPAA too (I’ve seen some suggested here and on reddit). They exist, but gaijin doesn’t care.

Could you all tell me if Sweden has something similar to this?

Not sure how a SPAA that can’t kill semi-good CAS players unbalances the game.
CAS is still OP, Pantsir can’t kill us CAS players @BasherBenDawg

So yeah, obviously there are no Russian bias. Pantsir’s not anymore powerful than ITO-90M against CAS.

No they didn’t. 2S6 was corrected, and Pantsir was added to replace it.
Pantsir should stay, and in-fact Soviets should get a better SPAA cause Pantsir’s not enough to kill good CAS players.


We need a lot of more powerful spaa for other nations as well tbf. Cas is a bit op up at top tier tbf. Just wish other nations had pantsir equivalents for now.
(Meanwhile British as such with their canADATS on worse chassis and no gun at same be as usual adats, as well as Japan and Israel suffering using IR anti air lmfao)

If we can have T-90M then maybe we should have some later and higher tech spaa… maybe a special spawn on maps for patriots and such might not be a bad idea…

They already have Pantsir equivalents.
We need new systems that actually have 20km range.
Pantsir’s range against jets is ~12km, it’s 18km against drones and helicopters.

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Some nations do, not enough…

Hopefully we will get more in the future… definitely needed…

Lol ok dude. If you’re in the more manuverable ones (M2/4K, F-16C, JH-7A, Gripen), and with a light payload (Mavericks, small GBUs) sure, but not less manuverable ones like Harrier or Tornado

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ITO is the closest thing, but the pantsir still beats it in every aspect. Every other nation is significantly lagging behind. I do agree that we need better SPAA though.

Italy with the OTOMATIC :(

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No, Pantsir does not come anywhere close to ITO’s missile maneuverability.
ITO-90M and TOR-M1 have best maneuverability, Pantsir’s among them for dealing with <12km targets though.