Unbalanced British premiums at 11.0

Hello all i want to discuss the status of the British premiums in their tree…

Now this is a big problem as i feel like many things are incredibly unbalanced for example missiles flight performance fuel radar and more. I feel like now i just cant progress through the tree and maybe this needs to be looked at.

here is some advice…


Thank you and goodbye

This is a problem for mainly the high tier jets like the F4J UK.
I think that it needs that extra buff for missiles or something…
maybe it needs to go down to 10.7 or 10.0

It’s better than all 11.0s in the game, and multiple 11.3s.
The weakest 11.3 in the game is better than all the 11.0s.

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There is a reason why its called the F4JUNK.

Its a worse version of the Phantom FGR2/FG1 which are probably over-BR’ed

The FGR2 and F3 (F4JUNK) could get Aim-9Ls. but wont.

What we need is a BR decompression. The Phantoms should be fighting the jets found at 11.0 and are totally clapped by most of the 11.3s like the Mig-23MLD and stand no chance vs anything 11.7 or higher.


exactly i feel like the BR is very unbalanced when im fighting f16s and get slapped by 9ms
Gaijin really need a solid BR system where uptiers and downtiers truly depend on how well you do in that BR

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