Unable to shoot at ka 50/52 with type 93

I was playing today with my type93 and when I tried to lock it so I can shot at it and I was greeted with text saying that I was jammed by IR jammer and my lock went away from the helicopter. Is this a bug? Did this happend to someone else?

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Thats how its supposed to work, there IRCM can counter ANY IR Missile/Lock

japan sadly properbly has the worst spaa currently, they are working on a better one , but currently you are screwed

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Along with israel kinda. but doesnt the type 93 missles have like something to counter the counter measures

They should have beacouse in the same game I killed the su39. And to ne honnest I don’t know when it started doing this beacouse it wasn’t doing this before.

Yea, but the counter counter is very wierd over the last weeks, it effects every IR SAM

Except that the DIRCM that it has isn’t an Active (always on) system, like the AN/ALQ-144 and has no way to tell where the launcher / missile is pre-launch, and is cued by the MAWS that is fitted so even though it may be able to defeat some missiles it should not be able to prevent a lock let alone defeat them wholesale especially the missiles that use more advanced forms of IRCCM that fall outside its operating bandwidth(dual colour IR/UV, EO, IIR seeker, etc.) so if properly implemented the MAWS would need to detect the missile, then slew the turret to the threat and then begin the jamming, which shouldn’t work at very close range as the S/NR, would be much reduced and there is no way to tell where the seeker is in its pattern, or if the the projected waveform is immediately effective against the seekers methodology.

Though to some degree it prevents the launcher from wasting missiles on targets that are supposedly invulnerable (Questionable reports of successes in Ukraine, though its facing far more than just the missiles implemented so far) so it isn’t all bad though is very much a simplification of convenience of a multifaceted mechanical process for obvious reasons.

it will be interesting to see how its counterpart; the AN/AAQ-24 is modeled when they finally get around to implementing the AH-64E or a Dutch AH-64D, if they ever turn up.

say it to Gaijin at this point, the Mi-28NM and Ka-52 are both have there IRL stuff with some Fantasy buffed stuff on it

I only see it got shotdown a lot by stinger. god like now i wordering it even have MAWS after seeing downed by ATGM

sadly this can only be used in a few years for balancing once the conflict is over

At least the type93 is a 9.0 spaa, I realized can’t lock Ka52 with my 11.3 AH-64D … feel pretty naked on a heli vs heli fight

Thats the Diffrenz between normal IRCM and DIRCM, im-game the Kamov has DIRCM vs. IRL, mostly not