Unable to join battle - other player with my name in battle?

I’m in a squad with a friend, and he joined the battle, but I’ve been stuck at the “joining battle” screen the entire time. We’ve been playing together for a couple hours, btw. He sees another player in game, as his squad mate, but his name is “ChesterKiloZulu,” with the “Chester” being added to mine. Anyone know what’s going on?

Due to you missing, game automatically fills your place with a bot, just to help a missing spot in place a bit. They are not good, though they seem to be kinda stupid with what they decide to see or not, where they can know someone is behind a wall and still shoot there despite a wall, or for example having a bush and shooting at enemy right through it.

The name would be like “Chester …KiloZulu

You are just replaced by a bot is all. Can happen when the server isn’t able to join you successfully for whatever reason