Un-realistic overperformance from M-51 (Israel)

Can someone explain me why NATO and German tanks dont even get their accurate penetration bullets or their modern bullets that the cannons are supposed to be using, and they are usually nerfed and even tanks like the Maus gets removed due to “balancing issues” or Panther 2 and Tiger 105mm gets removed to due “not being realistic”

but then you get tanks like M-51 that has un-realistic in game penetration, that is buffed beyond its even in real life performance, when other tanks dont even get their actual pen but get nerfed on top of it?

This tank is 6.0 and its supposed to be facing 1945 tanks? when it was produced in 1965 with its dumb ass 400mm pen that has equal performance to a 8.0 Leopard 1 from Germany?

Since so many tanks, not only DONT get their actual ammunitions with accurate penetrations for “balancing reasons” whatever that means in gaijin terms, why does this one stupid vehicle get this type of special treatment where, not only it is not affected by getting a lower pen than its actual real life performance, but it even outperforms its real life performance and it is thrown against tanks that are 20 years older than what the tank is itself?

Its like putting an athlete on steroids against an 50 year old man.

This stupid tank needs both BR rebalancing to match the date of the tanks it is facing and it needs to have its fictional rail gun ammunition, nerfed and fixed with more fair penetration.


Not to add that Leopard 1 has a production date of 1961 and M-51 has a production date of 1965 and one is 8.0 BR and the other is 6.0 fighting WW2 tanks.


Someone died to M-51 lol.
It’s fine at the BR it’s at.


Gaijin no longer uses penetration reports and instead uses a formula for pen. They changed it because different reports gave different pen.

I think Sweden is the king for low tier heatfs though. 400mm heatfs at 4.0


NATO tanks have their correct APFSDS penetrations according to the Willi Odermatt method, which is in-line with every known real-life test.
Ammunition is not changed for balance reasons.

It’s a Sherman that has a wobbly gun.

Your entire post is disinformation & fake.
And your demands won’t happen because this is a game of realism.


So you just gloss over the fact that Leopard 1 and M-51 are from the same era of tanks yet one is 6.0 the other is 8.0 and both have the same cannon performance?

So lets just leave M-51 melting through WW2 tanks like a 1000 degree knife cutting butter, very realistic and very balanced, as always up to gaijin’s standards.

Era/production date is a non-argument.


They are same era tanks, yet one is infinitely better than the other.

It’s like saying Pz II H should be same BR as Tiger because of their time of introduction.


Yeah I see how this makes sense in a “realistic” game.

Sherman is from 1943 and Leopard 1 is from 1970.
All that changes on Sherman M-51 is the new heavy wobbly gun that fires a HEAT round seen at lower BRs.
It is an up-gunned WW2 tank.

Leopard 1 has more armor, is as fast as an M18, and has a rangefinder.

Again, shoot first and you won’t have this problem.
Then they’ll complain that your tank is OP.


CM52 is a 1950s vehicle. You want it at 7.0?


No sherman tank has an 400mm HEAT round.

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If I take a tank from the 40s and slap an cannon of the 60s on it, its not longer a tank from the 40s.


A tank is more than a gun.
It’s the entire platform.
You can give Abrams an M3 cannon, it’s still an Abrams in armor, speed, and optics.


War Thunder has never balanced it’s vehicles based on historical introduction or usage.
I don’t see why you’re expecting this.


Yup. That is why we have vehicles with very good guns at low brs. Dicker max for example.


It is balance. Your issue is that it is the “wrong” balance. Performance vs historical balance.

I am sure there is another game somewhere where you can play pz2 vs kv1. Find it try it out.


…it’s a video game, not propoganda.
The game is balanced around vehicle performance and the M-51 has performance that makes it competitive at the BR it’s at but doesn’t make it overpowered.

Why not complain at PBV-301 being 2.3? Why not complain about IKV-72 being 1.7?
I know why, because you didn’t feel cheated when you died to them because you weren’t aware they’re cold war vehicles, so you don’t label this as “unfair”.


Ah yes, another person claiming balance & realism is propaganda.
You came into War Thunder knowing it was a war games simulator, not a historical battles milsim.
M-51 is like a very slower M-41 German version.
It’s 6.0 because it’s among the hardest tanks to actually use well.
Whereas Panther for example is one of the easiest tanks to use well despite its 75mm cannon having lower maximum pen.


Historical battles fans when they realize their StuG and Pz.IV will have to fight Magachs and Sho’ts.