Ultra low graphics (no bushes) needs to be addressed

Is it not about time war thunder addressed the ultra low graphics settings ie: No bushes, trees ect: I for one am tired of being shot from 1000’s of meters away through forest’s and rows of bushes because of players that turn there graphics to ultra low. Its suppost to be a setting to allow cheap old pc’s and laptop’s to be able to play but its being exploited by players even with top of the range pc’s to give them a bigger advantage (i have seen streamers doing this).
Easy fix for this to not stop the legit players with poor old pc’s but would stop the exploiters. If you turn down graphics below a certain point ie: No bushes you will only play against players that have also turned there graphics below that point.

This would make the game more level and fair for all that play war thunder?


Didn’t they already?

I thought of several solutions but regroup players in ULQ (Ultra Low Quality) between them can be a good solutions that I hadn’t thought of.

Unfortunatly not …

Personaly i regroup ULQ users can play with highter quality with cheaters. They exploit a graphic parameter for have an avantage on others players.


Think they replaced textures with sprites instead of just de-rendering them.

Maybe instead they just use a ultra low poly bush with something like 8 polygons max? That way the bush is still there but their computer can still render it?

No i tried it on laptop turned graphics to lowest its like a green flat desert no bushes at all and instead of big bushy trees theres a black stump its stupid so if you have ultra low on you can see across the map but everyone else see’s vegitation

Well they were lying then.


This topic has always needed an actual fix. As it still is extremely similar to how it was years ago. having reduced graphics makes the landscape much more bare making it easier to spot enemies. Granted lower graphical settings are there because not everyone has a computer/laptop strong enough to run the game reasonably, but that doesn’t mean they deserve an advantage. especially when people without Potato computers decide to give themselves an artificial advantage by lowering their setting.


That not used but can be an option for display the vegetation for ULQ…

War thunder is the only game I can remember where it’s more interesting to play with crappy graphics than in high quality…

This will never be addressed, it’s one of several go to tactics for numerous clans to keep the edge and the stats up.

A system is low end enough to need this won’t run the game in the first place, it’s a deliberate built in explote.

I thought its fixed , do you have any comparision screenshots ?


Gaijin does not care , all they care about is to milk money from premium planes and vehicles. The rest is just irrelevant.

ULQ + CAS problem is here since ages and they did not even comment on that .

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Oh they care, just not about what you think. The majority of player base that use the built in exploit aggressively are squadron clan’s.

Have to pay to create a squadron and players are encouraged to level fast and hard, more $$ being spent.

Zero reason to even have those settings otherwise.

This explains why i have been killed so many times through bushes etc. They should really do something about this…

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I grew up seeing computer graphics evolve from let´s take an early flight sim as an example - topside blue, bottom half green - and as propably most players I´ve been eager for better graphics throughout the years. Now we are at a level we couldn´t have even dreamed of back in the day, and there´s no way to convince me to set low graphics just for an easier gameplay.


That has to be fixed now, it’s like cheating. can you start a poll on the subject?

That Gajijn sells the game as realistic but doesn’t want to change that is just ridiculous

Ok as a low spec player the only solution to fix exploits like this
is to have the engine check spec of computer for example
if graphics card/cpu = high end hardware then block low spec settings.


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