UK's Mig-21 Bison discussion

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from WESTERN players, Eastern nations just an afterthought, there to be food for West.

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Tbf eastern nations are littered with a ton of premiums just look at russia for a start

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Yeah… I think nobody will have any fun riding MiG-21 bison with R-77 in uptiered battle.
Current loadout in 11.7 br is best for everyone.

I would like it as a nice challenge, but I can see that is not the best way to have as a premium, on TOP of that i do understand the feeling that 13-12 will be filled with many Premium players, altough it will already be the case with the F-20 (which also should go to 11.7)

Considering how the mirage 2k’s are at 11.7 with pretty much the same weapon loadout I’d assume when the patch goes live the Bison will also be at the same BR just hope GJ can figure that one out.

Well the F-20 is similar in capabilities to M2K as well, but F-20 is still at 12.0

Still think that needs to go down to tbf never really thought about that to be honest

Premiums should never have the best armaments available in the game

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It happened often enough already, like with A-10, Su25 etc
Even F4S had the same top missiles as other top tier jets at the time… A premium never had the best airframe + best and most amount of missiles… The bison would be very limited in its weapons anyway… But the whole uniqueness of the bison are those amraams, its like not giving the f-4 ice its aim120s… It was the point of the whole jet…

Hmm yeah it should never be in UK Air tree they have more options that more suitable for them
AUS NZ CAN you name it give India using Russian stuff kinda weird


n commonwealth?

Maybe Atlas Cheetah from south africa is best because Canada and Australia has F-18 that can’t be premium rn also, Pakistan and India, Bangladesh vehicles shouldn’t implement in UK TT.

Okay, according to the above, South Africa is the biggest insult to South Africa in the British tree. South Africa has its own weapons technology, so let’s remove the South African vehicle from the British tree.😋
Next, you can perform Tornado with garbage subsonic harrier or maximum overload 8G to challenge Su27SM J11A F15C🤣👉🇬🇧🇮🇳

To put it badly, the British air tree, which is not supported by foreign vehicles, will only be worse than the German tree.😅
"Alas, the British tree is not the worst!" Full of humour🤣🤣🤣

if we strictly speaking need any of them. I can think of several British aircraft that would have made better premiums for our TT. Like the Harrier Gr5. Finally give us a Su39 premium equivalent.

Russian stuff just feels wrong in our Tree.


Assuming its all about BVR, Then both the Sea Harrier FA2 and the Tornado F3 AOP have better radars than the Su-27SM, J-11 and F-15C.

Aim-120 also out ranges the R-77 which bodes well for BVR fights against them. In terms of loadouts, The F-15C doesnt dramatically out class either, onyl really the FA2 has limited loadout (which is why its nearly a full BR lower)

Overall Britain has some excellent aircraft this update, we finally have the 12.3/12.7 aircraft we should have gotten by this time last year. But alas we were handicapped last year.

(heck and thats not even mentioning the fact that both are rather gimped at the moment with the fake BOL nerfs and the F3s totally unfinished state. Also honourable mention, They should have ASRAAM)

Dont confuse Gaijin modeling us poorly on purpose with us having bad aircraft. Most are barely finished or deliberately nerfed. Most of our aircraft past 9.0 are missing something critical that with, would make us a LOT stronger.

Like Red Tops should be all-aspect. SRAAM is barely functional. Sea Harrier missing radar gunsight. Tornado Gr1 missing 1520 CMs and a half dozen loadout options. TIALD modeled as Gen 1 not Gen 2. Harrier Gr7 missing 2x Aim-9 or AGM-65s (recent discovery so I do forgive them for that ) Torando F3 placeholder FM. BOL nerfs. etc etc

Same can be said for ground. Biggest issue at top tier is the lack of appropriate additions (IFV and SPAA). The fact they wont fix the Chally 2 fully or things like getting the worse possible variant of the Chally 3. What it needs now is a major decompression as well. 2A7V and equivalent should be like 12.3.

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I know what you want to say. Maybe the radar of F3 and FA2 will be better, but War Thunder is not only a radar F16C/F15C/JAS39C (Sweden/Hungary). They also have good radar and AIM120 missiles. Although the R77 of Mig29SMT/J11A/Su27M is slightly worse, their manoeuvrability and R73 missiles with aiming helmets are not Kidding . You see how crazy about KWS is worth it. If Britain doesn’t have a colonial aircraft like the Indian prince complains, I guess you shouldn’t communicate with me so peacefully now. 🥲

Id rather take a British Premium. Like the Harrier Gr5A over some crappy indian Mig-21 that is basically pointless and adds nothing to our TT.


No problem. I have almost the same opinion about this plane as yours.

That thing is much better then Mig-21Bison and it should be tech tree vehicle.

We’re talking about a Kfir platform that has AESA Radar,Python-4’s,R Darter’s, MAW system and guided A2G munitions.