Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

Ukrainian BTR-70M with BM-7 combat module


Sick. I hope we see the BTR-70DI that has the Zaslin APS equipped with a BM-7 or similar module.

Currently it has the 14.5mm KPVT Machine Gun, 2x Ready-to-Fire Barrier-212 (RK-2S) ATGM’s with 2x spares, a 30mm KBA-117 Grenade Launcher, and coaxial KT-7.62mm machine gun. There is a version of the BTR-70DI equipped with a Ingul Remote Weapon Station that does have a 30mm autocannon on it, it doesn’t have the APS equipped.


Zu-23-2 (M113)
To rival Zu-23-2 (MTLB)


It gets apfsds as well lol

Don’t we already have that? I’m sorry, I’m in another service. That’s why I can’t physically keep up with it. and the situation does not allow it!

Yes*, on the MTLB chassis as the first vehicle!
This can replace it, but shouldnt be another independent vehicle
The BTR-94 is a better platform in all aspects

In game? We have the same weapons system on the MTLB in the Soviet tree.

Just thought I would post it

As your own tree - no. there is no point in this and we will have a second clone wars tree + a lot of Ukrainian modernizations of Soviet equipment, they are not that interesting and will not bring anything new to the game, in fact these are simple T64/72s and 80s that are already in the game. Therefore, it is better to place them in the Soviet tree, like Russian, Syrian, Czech tanks and so on.


Stop with offtopic please.

BTR-4 BM2-30

Ukrainian combat module BM-2-30_5


I will definitely add this vehicle in the upcoming tree update.

Also, thinking of adding the BTR-7 (Parus) as like a 8.7 BR vehicle since many of them aren’t equipping the Barrier-212 ATGM system. Pretty much a wheeled autocannon boi.


Ukrainian T-90M

Possible candidate for premium vehicle since it’s a second one that is actually in service.


He’s not needed.

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What do you mean?

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What he means is the IRL sentiments

Maybe, that the T-90M doesnt need in Ukrainian TT


Indeed, Ukrainian TT has better, researchable options.
But also it’s good to have some variants for distant future development. Non-museum, actually used vehicle fits into that category.


Personally I think it’s better if this would be a premium option or a one off event vehicle. The T-84 is just better overall so the captured T-90M isn’t necessarily needed.

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Nah, like a premium Gaijin can give T-84U, maybe smth like Obj.478BEM1 with Drozd APS, which Ukraine sold to USA or smth else.

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