Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

No its not, unless youre saying modern T-80s are soviet, the 2s38 is soviet, the 2S25 is soviet, Pantsir is soviet…Its no longer the soviet tree once they went post 1991, unless youre suggesting the soviet union still exists…

Not at all what I said, it’s the nation represented in game, the name of the tree is literally “USSR”. Don’t twist my words. And last time I checked there are more Soviet vehicles than Russian vehicles.

You might as well have an independent Russian tree then because they’re not the USSR either

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Well in my opinion, its represented wrong. Just how the japanese tree proooobably shouldnt have the imperial flag as its icon, and the chinese tree should not have the PRC icon to rep both.

They really could just change the tab flag, and stop adding czech and other non russian soviet era

Meanwhile, I checked the Russian forum and found several proposals regarding Ukrainian tanks that have been approved and forwarded to the developers…

BMPT “Strazh”
MTLB MT-12 “Rapira” and MTLB R7

There has also been a suggestion to introduce Ukrainian markings into the game.

It’s very strange, usually, on the Russian forum, there is little mention of Ukraine, or discussions are quickly closed…


I dont know if I mentioned it, but images of BMPT Strazh and I think something else as well, were exactly ones I took from rus. forum.


Ex.Polish T-72M1R in Ukrainian service with numerous modifications and ERA.


New pictures of Leopard 1A5 (DK?) near the eastern front-line. No visible mods or upgrades so far.


Photos of a captured T-90M and an M1A1 SA (AIM v.2) in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


T-72AMT in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Afaik these aren’t SA but FEP

No, if you scroll up a little you can see I made that mistake too. I was too premature with my assesment then and I can’t edit that post now. The way you can easily tell them apart is by the smoke dispensers as the Army and USMC both use different models. Even with its covers on in that photo you can clearly tell it is an Army Abrams.


A BMP-1 with a new combat module was recently spotted. It can sport - 30mm KBA-2 (2A72), 7.62mm KT-7.62, 30mm Grenade Launcher KBA-117 and 2x “Barrier” ATGMs, although some of these are clearly not mounted. It is also noteworthy to mention that the sides were fitted with additional steel overlays.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 200409


Additional drawings of the module from Btvt with my translation.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone once again! We hit a 3,000 vote milestone making this one of the most (if not the most) voted on suggestions across the forums, both old and new. Please continue to provide helpful feedback and hopefully Ukrainian vehicles will be added in one shape or another. 🫡


I really hope arguments here will stop, seeing 32 new messages here, hoping for some new suggestion to tree or an interesting discussion to see just one new message and instantly understand there was a huge argument that was thankfully deleted.


Yeah I was wondering. It showed me 32 unread messages, open it - 2 )). Also in the past huge chunk my messages were deleeted here, even though I wasnt arguing with anyone. Maybe because I went off topic in discussion.

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How long did it take you? That’s really cool. I hope this thread doesn’t get ignored. Thanks for that))
Very much want to see Ukraine in War Thunder.