Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

How the hell is this even considered as an insult? By whom?

AFU actually uses 2A6 in actual combat, giving it a purpose and suddenly it’s an “insult”?
Same goes with Gepard and Leo 1. Gepard would have been rotting somewhere in Bundeswehr long term storage, without participating in anything since its creation, and now it’s proven to be useful and protecting the lives of civilians. Is that looks like an “insult” to you too?

Everything that was used by AFU in actual combat deserves the right to be in Ukrainian tree. That includes all RU trophies too, but only Gaijin can determine if they want those in trees or not (I would be completely ok with T-72B3 in regular tree, considering the sheer amount of those captured and reused)


i wont judge you since english might not be your first language sir but i specifically was talking about the GERMAN TECH TREE in WARTHUNDER. NOT REAL LIFE.

i am not and have not said anything about ukraine receiving western donations. i am not insulted by ukraine receiving them. i am insulted because german Top teir has been stagnant and no more vehicles have been added while german leopard 2 variants have been added to other nations and denied to germany.

*** deep breath *** *** sigh *** rights arent given out like chocolates on halloween, and no. not everything.
if AFU purchased the vehicles and/or captured them, i have NO ISSUE. if they received them as donations. then yes. i dont support that.

once again. im sorry if you got offended but the blame for that goes to your misinterpretation of my statement.

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Just one more collection of photos, but this time it’s the Azovets BMPT:


In the garage




Original photos are here: Google Drive


What the hell

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What armament It has ?

The BMPT Azoviets had 2x GSh-23 dual 23mm autocannons, 2x KT-7.62 (PKT) machine guns, and Luchs designed 8x Stuhna-P Tandem-ATGM’s with a penetration of 800-1,000mm. It could also fit the smaller 107mm Korsar ATGM’s as well. Supposedly it could equip the KBA-117 30mm grenade launcher in each turret. The individual turrets could rotate 180-degrees together producing ~360-degree coverage. Armor-wise it had Duplet-2M ERA which is superior to Kontact-5 and is the same armor found on the BM-Oplot, cage armor in the rear, and the crew was fully encapsulated with external viewing done by multiple cameras around the vehicle. It uses the chassis of the T-64 with a weight of 41 tons. It consists of a crew of 4 personnel: 2x operator/gunners, a commander, and driver. It is a highly strange/unique very heavily armored vehicle that is essentially a tank buster in-game, granted it has to be in a stationary position to fire its ATGM’s.

I had a suggestion for it but I think it was deleted. It was approved at one point. I’ll share the old forum suggestion I had made that’s a little more outdated:


Dream on. If it worked that way usa and ussr would be full of eachothers vehicles. And unlike them Ukraine can’t operate any captured vehicle that isn’t a tank for obvious reasons


These are only 1-2 tanks in a tree. That’s why we are discussing all this, to determine whether to add, for example, leopards A5 to the Ukrainian tree. In my opinion, tanks that have been modified or modernized in Ukraine can take a place in the tree. Leopards A4 or M-55S covered with ERA are a great option. Everything else is for events, I guess.

USSR and USA trees are already oversaturated with their own vehicles. I’m pretty sure USA will have that trophy T-90A from Louisiana parking lot sooner or later, because nowadays every nation gets T-90 in our fantasy historical game.

As for Ukrainian tree, I’m not a fan of adding RU trophies to regular tree personally (maybe only as event or pack vehicles to milk players willing to pay) but as I said, no one can deny the sheer amount of trophy T-72B3 tanks used by AFU. 190 B3 tanks were documented captured. Even with pessimistic estimate that only 30-40% of captured vehicles are instantly “combat ready” after capture, that’s still enough to warrant B3 place in the regular tree.

Ukraine can’t operate any captured vehicle that isn’t a tank for obvious reasons

AFU already operates the whole bunch of captured vehicles. From every possible ru tank, aside from T-14 and T-10M (still waiting for that one!), IFVs, APCs, SPAs (like Msta-SM2 and 2S34 Khosta) to some exotics like TOS-1A.
Obviously AFU can operate captured Mi-8 and we are yet to see if they will manage to repair captured Ka-52.

I will emphasize again, only Gaijin will decide which vehicles to include in the end. But with Ukrainian tree they now have limitless possibilities


This is just another reason to put them in their already existing tree.

B3 can supplement Ukrainian tree if necessary, it is in no way the reason to stack dozens of Ukrainian vehicles into some unnamed “existing tree” like UA tree haters want.


Don’t forget, Ukraine should get the M1A2 Abrams Ukrainians to Get U.S. Tanks by Fall > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

Trophy vehicles, while they can be added per rules, just don’t make sense while the conflict is in a hot state. At a later point they could be added but aren’t really needed tbh.


Back to your idea, maybe if we removed the matchmaking limitation then I can definitely see it working, also I saw this same idea pitched for South Africa and Britain, would be a viable way for Gaijin to do sub-trees than rather the way they do them now, I personally wouldn’t mind either way, but many seem to agree with the idea you pitched here.

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As some good news, The 6TD-2 is in-game now, for the first time as far as I know.
Modeled, with sounds, damage model, etc. Ready to go for Ukrainian vehicles ASAP!


Could be around the corner, they added the falarick 105 to those Swedish vehicles, who knows.

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The US said months ago they will take some of their M1A1 tanks from stocks and deliver them to Ukraine as opposed to sending newly produced M1A2 for the sake of speed, so it should be the M1A1 SA or M1A1 FEP as we’ve seen Ukrainians train on those. We’ll see which one of those two variants the AFU gets later this month. They will probably also get more modern M829s like the A3 or even A4 but you could just add the KE-W for balance.

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I proposed this matchmaking because many people started complaining about “clones” in the proposed tree. Personally, I don’t see any “clones” here, each technique presented has something special, but this is just my opinion.

And here I see only 2 ways out:

  • To make a tree like Yontzee suggests, which will start from rank 4, 5 or 6. Then the restrictions on matchmaking can be removed. After all, the vehicles in the tree will be different from other trees.

  • For each tree (Russia, Ukraine, and possibly other post-Soviet countries), start the tree from the first rank. That is, ranks 1-4 will contain Soviet vehicles. Ranks 4-5 will have mixed equipment (Soviet + Ukrainian, for example). And from the 5th rank only Ukrainian. And so on for each tree with post-Soviet vehicles. But in this case, one and the same Soviet tank can go into battle with different nations. For example, an old T-64 can be paired with a modern Ukrainian BMP. And the same T-64 can be paired with a modern Russian BMP. And in the end, it turns out that there are 2 identical T-64s for different nations in the game at the same time. And people who are afraid of “clones” will not be very happy with this. So I suggested this kind of matchmaking.


look like leopard a4 became quite common modification
Leopard with ERA


I counted at least 27 of them on video + 1 was seriously damaged on photos, so there was definitely 28+ of them

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