Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

yes they can. and as i said. imported vehicles are already verys crutinised by WTplayers. although if they were unique modifications not present anywhere else this dosent apply like for example the BM oplot

It may be scrutinized by some, but not by everyone. 🤷‍♂️ you can’t speak for everyone who are not complaining. Especially those for example, Finnish players, who get to enjoy playing vehicles their military uses.


I have no problems with Shermans or Leopards. And I am calm about the number of T-64. I will say more, it allows me to collect interesting setups. I also understand that in the future there will be new tanks based on the ones we have now. It will be so! No matter how those who write about copypaste here want it, but it will happen. And more than once… And in my opinion, it would not be bad if it was something new, for example, a new nation. And not the expansion of the Soviet branch to cosmic proportions. Ukraine (and not only) is perfectly suited for this. In any case, this is what the discussion was created for. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…


Well then if it’s bound to happen, there’s no need to have a forum.
Also the soviet tree won’t expand to cosmic proportions for the reason that even soviet players don’t want to grind the same tank 8 times.

Information from the old forum:
In 2021, a new camouflage for the Ukrainian armed forces was officially introduced. It is slightly different from what the author showed in the first post.




Another vehicle which could be an event/premium/squadron/BP tank is the Peruvian Tifon-2A, as it was done in collaboration with Ukraine and used the T-55AGM as its base. I have a suggestion for it here: Tifon-2A: The Peruvian-Ukrainian Storm


Wrong thread


He just replied in Ukrainian! He is supporting the tree


No. Unique modifications are not at all copy paste.
If we were to use your definition we wouldn’t need M4A3/76’s because they look the same and play the same in the medium tank role as the M4.
Copy paste is when two of the exact same modification of a vehicle are in two or more tech trees, like the Grant I in the Brit and US tts.

There are over 2,000 vehicles in War Thunder this argument is entirely useless.

Adding the Oplot will not turn your high tier 16 v 16 game into 16 v 20 T variants.
You will still fight the same amount of vehicles no matter what. It should not matter what you fight as long as the vehicles are properly balanced, which is another problem to speak on in some other thread, not one about a tech tree suggestion…

idk about you but I’d prefer to fight a variety of vehicles instead of the usual TURMS after TURMS after TURMS.


These are not unique modifications, it’s just changing the engine or the optics. Your exemple is dumb since you don’t play at all the M4 76 the same way as the M4A1.

First of all, there aren’t 2000 tanks and I don’t care about planes since they shouldn’t even be in tank battles. With all your bad faith even you have to admit that there are way too many T- and BMP located in way too many TT.

Sure, except the T- series is not balanced and, when facing russia it already is a 16 v 10 BMP and 6 T-, or we’re just not playing the same game.

Behold the “variety” we already had the Turms and now we’ll have the Turms with a better engine, the one with overperforiming era and next up a brand new unique tank from the T- series with the only difference being the camo …


Since when do you need to speak the said language of the tech tree to support it ? That thread is becoming way too political.


“These are not unique modifications, it’s just changing the engine or the optics” lmaoooooooooo
Not gonna even bother quoting the troll all he does is say the same moot arguments over and over and spam “political!!!” at everything he doesn’t like.


I don’t wish that this tree would be added to the game because it would be a copy of the Soviet tree without any new vehicles in tanks or planes at least at the end of the tree I hope we stop adding trees to the game that originally exist Enough, for example, the Israeli tree which by the way has only one tank and the rest of the tree are copies of the American, French, and British It is enough to add copies of the vehicles and instead fix some problems such as the ghost shot or add special things Like K2 or even adding antiaircraft to Japan


It’s especially that people like you don’t appreciate that others use a language other than the sacrosanct English language. He just used his mother tongue and this “politics”? You can use Google Translate, like what I and many people do to be able to understand this whole forum. Moreover, if you look closely, it’s the first time he leaves a message on the Forum, he may not be aware of this rule which obliges him to express himself in a language other than ours/his.


Is it me, or is it the rules ? Nice personal attack but unfortunatly it’s a miss.
This thread is political for a number of reasons, just like the turkish tech tree thread and yes, in today’s wonderful world, language is politic.
Sure he may not be aware of the rules, but he could have seen that all other messages are in English, no ?


Good, cuz i’m not gonna explain to you either how uninteresting to play and annoying to play against this TT will be.

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Finally a decent response. We need new, original and fun vehicles in this game and some nations TT are still empty as hell, so fill them before adding nine other BMPs.


That’s my bad, I thought you didn’t understand his message and that you told him “wrong thread” to re-direct him to one of the international community threads
I didn’t mean anything political or anything of the sort

But I don’t think it can be a “decent response”, as there are many unique vehicles in tanks
not seen anywhere else in game at all

I am willingly excluding notable and almost unrecognisable developments of known vehicle bases to help your argument, ie to avoid the BMP-1UMD which completely changes the weapons system and capabilities, but stays on the BMP-1 chassis.

These are of course, viable, effective and unique vehicles, but too many BMPs & T-XX Tanks seems to be a point of contention

As for planes they aren’t thoroughly discussed in this tank-focused tech tree, and so I won’t go into them as neither did the original author of the response.

Rank V
~BTR 94
~2S9 Nona

Rank VI
~BTR 3E1
~9K31 Strela-1
~9P148 Konkurs
~BRDM-2 Amulet
~SBA Novator
~Object 432

Rank VII
~Object 478DU4

~Osa AKM


So tree for players who want to play Russian vehicles but not Russian nation? And then top tier gets mixed with NATO vehicles? I remember players cursing about China tree being copypaste but I guess its not an issue anymore.

What about airplanes, helicopters and ships? Not sure if you noticed the trend in game but every nation in game have or will have all tech trees…