Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

It’s great that someone has finally calculated the percentage of unique vehicles in the proposed tech tree. A tremendous job has been done! Now, this is an excellent argument for those who didn’t even bother to examine the proposed tree and immediately accused it of being a copy…


I planned to do it on every nation but had no time for it


This is a very rough job and I can’t say it’s even above 90% accuracy, take it as you will. But thank you.

I have just discovered about tank T-24, which was firstly produced in Kharkiv. Will you add this vehicle to the tree as reserve (this vehicle would have BR like 2.0, so idk what do you think about it)

To avoid too many “copy-paste”, I think that it would make more sense to have an “Eastern Europe” tech tree

Definitely a reserve vehicle, also I suggested this one not long ago

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Why not make a Middle-Eastern, West-European, Central Asian, South-East Asian, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin American tree while we’re at it….

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Ah yes, entire world tech tree


Your unique list is not complete, it can increase on average by 30%-40% If you do not add ala copies or weakened copies
Well, there are T-54 and Type-59 as in the case with China!

Regarding the history of Ukraine, there are many more years than you might think! In the 17th century, the term “Ukraine” began to be used already in the documents of that time.
Later, in the 18th century, the term “Ukraine” appears on cartographic materials.

Therefore, your comparison is not correct. You cannot compare countries in this way.

I also emphasize that the USSR is a “union” of states and most of the tanks were invented in different countries of the union by different designers.

If you look at it from this point of view, then 3/5 of these tanks are not “Russian”

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This might be a simple fix. Were any aircraft manufacturered in Ukraine when it was a satellite state of the USSR? Even down to WW2? We have many soviet tanks that were made in Ukraine during WW2

And give people more of a reason to call it copy and paste? Good one lol

I compare them by geolocation 🙃


Here is an idea for a desert camo scheme


+1 I’d like to see the ground and air tree’s someday in the far future


Thats the solution or there isnt one at all and or it starts at Tier 3 like Israel

Itd also by far not be the most copy and paste. Heck, we could even remove some stuff from the Russian Fed tree, as has also been done when new trees are added

Were far far beyond the “copy and paste” is bad mentality. Gaijin never put a stop to it. What you have to look at are the pros vs cons, theres far more interesting things the Ukraine tree would add than not. And whos to say it even needs an Air tree, a Ground and Heli tree would be interesting and fine to start

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It’s the USSR, so no, you’d be removing Soviet equipment from the Soviet tech tree. So that’s a no go.


The air tree is so tiny it is not even a real tree


So long as it starts at 7Br I dont care.I wont have to endure the cut n paste.As I said before ,I dont feel we need any new nations.I dont know why a moderator needed to sweep in and remove my opinion.

Just experimenting. I have a little time and have been working on a separate Independent version which will be updated at the beginning of the post, this Polish-Ukrainian tree, and another version (in-all 3 versions), just thought I’d share this for fun. Far from complete. This is a Polish-Ukrainian Tree with ranks 1-3 in progress as well as Rank 4-8 being touched up. The idea was created due to feedback, Ukraine using a lot of Polish equipment, very close relations, as well as had multiple military projects with one another. More notes can be found on the bottom.

Disclaimer: Respectfully critique it and just be fair to one another. Not asking for a lot. If you have legitimate ideas for correcting parts of it or provide a respectful reason why you don’t like it, I’m all ears.

Edit: Disregard the images not lining up, I’ll fix that later.

Additional Notes:

  • Several other variants and vehicles can be added like the T-64E, Polish prototypes, etc.
  • Poland does have an issue in filling out early ranks in which Ukraine cannot help all to much with the exception of the T-12 and T-24. Technically BT’s and T-34(76)'s can be added as well.
  • A lot of stuff is foldered together to prevent having to struggle researching the tree; if I share the version that has foldered vehicles collapse, it’s a lot easier to research.
  • Bayaktar TB2 can be used as the strike drone for both Ukraine and Poland, as both country’s use it.
  • Poland and Ukraine’s helicopters and air equipment would support one another effectively with the cap being the AH-64E and F-16C/F-35A/FA-50PL respectively.
  • A lot of Soviet-era equipment was used by both the People’s Republic of Poland and several Soviet-Ukrainian brigades.

poland is good enough as a stand alone tree, they dont need the addition of ukraine, besides that the leopard 2plM1 would be the exact same as the already existing 2pl in the game ," the upgrades were implementation PIX function, introduction function selection the last or first echo the laser range, introduction automatic system extinguishing fire fighting in compartment APU, Introduction system cold start to the engine without restart electronics devices, micro charging battery in battle tank during storage, electronics compartment active cooling, preparation electrical installation for identification Friend or Foe." which makes them the exact same as the current one for in game purposes at 11.3 The Dead District: Poland unveiled for the first time the Leopard-2PLM1 (a upgraded version of Leopard-2PL)

what even is the 2a5plm1 , that one doesnt even exist as far as i am aware, if you dont mean the standard 2pl which isnt a 2a5 or just the plain 2a5 poland owns

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