Ukraine Air Force Tree

My exact idea, forking the tree so the different developments are recognized.

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Unnecesary, copypaste vehicles


Excellent tree. I’d like to see rank IV and V though to match the ground tree, if possible. It’d just be a copy of the Soviet Tree, but then at least there’d be CAS/FAD for the lower BR GRB lineups.

Some BR change suggestions:
No built-in cannon. The cannons are a pair of UPK-23-250 gun pods on the inner (fuselage) pylons. In order to carry countermeasures, st least one of these gun pods must be replaced with an APP-50 countermeasure pod. Only the middle pair (inner wing) pylons could carry R-98s and despite their range and all-aspect or SARH guidance, they still only have a 14g overload and wouldn’t be great. Then the outboard pylons have R-60Ms.
In addition, the wings overload at a mere 6.5g. In-game, this would correspond to a 9.7g wing snap, which isn’t good.
So an unmanueverable aircraft with good speed and climb rate but poor armament and poor missile armaments.
BR 11.7 → 10.7

First of all, the Su-24M can carry R-73s, not just R-60Ms. Second, it’s an extremely heavy and unmanueverable aircraft. I’m not terribly familiar with Russian AGMs but unless they’re amazing the Su-24M would definitely deserve a BR lower than the MiG-29SMT/G.
BR 12.3 → 12.0

Su-27P BR 12.3 → 12.7
Su-27P1M BR 12.7 → 13.0
Su-27UB1M BR 12.7 → 13.0
The Su-27 family is a step up in performance from the MiG-29 family. They are faster, have better climb rates, better acceleration, and similar manueverability.

No cannon armament. R-40s are powerful and long-range but can only pull 8g and are incapable of tracking a target pulling over 4g. The Sapfir-25 radar, despite being called a Pulse-Doppler, is actually only a variant of the Sapfir-23 of the MiG-23M, meaning its MTI only works at low altitude. Not exactly the best for a high-altitude interceptor. However, it is still the fastest combat aircraft ever, so it can’t really go down much in BR. Premium status is definitely a good choice.
BR 12.3 → 12.0

R-60M. 8.3???
BR 8.3 → 9.7

Add MiG-29 at 12.3 with R-73


Ukraine has never had MiG-29S (9-13S)…all of them entered service with the regiment in Russia in 1992…some of them, after a small modernization in 2016, are still in service…
you confuse the Ukrainian 9-13 with the Russian 9-13S…

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You’re probably right. I didn’t look into what variants they used; I just thought that there should be a 12.3 MiG-29 between the 12.0 and 12.7 versions. The MiG-29S was in the “didn’t add but possible” list of aircraft, so I just used that as an example, assuming it was realistic without checking.

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Thank you for this wonderful feedback, I will make changes accordingly in the future. I really appreciate it.

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MiG-29S was a mistake I made, I’ll remove it when I’d start doing changes. Ukraine never used them.

I’m afraid that would be hard to do since Ukrainian air force is relatively new. What I can see as an option would be to add L-39 Albatross of different varieties. But aside from L-39U, others have no offensive armaments and only two hardpoints that can carry either UB-16 rocket pods (each carries 16, which is 32 S-5 rockets in total) or 100/250kg bombs. The possibility of Ukrainian L-39s (aside from L-39U) to carry air-to-air missiles is unknown.

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Yeah, that’s why I said it’d basically be a copy of the Soviet Tree. I meant add aircraft operated by Ukrainian pilots under the Soviet Air Force. Or more specifically, aircraft based out of Ukrainian territory. Such as those operated by the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 17th Air Armies in WWII, and the 17th Air Army and 8th Air Defense Army for Cold War equipment. These branches of the Soviet Air Force operated from the Kyiv Military District (Ukrainian SSR, corresponds pretty much 1:1 to modern Ukraine including Crimea) and primarily employed local Ukrainian pilots. Not technically the Ukrainian Air Force but close enough when there’s such a huge BR hole to fill.

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Man if the Israeli tree sucks then this will suck harder and no I’m not being anti Ukraine here. I’m coming from a game play and research point of view and this is going to hell. The only logical place would be Poland if that ever comes

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poland has other options for sub trees as well, ukraine is building good relations with germany and the german industry as well, so that could fit as well. If people wants benelux so desperately, that being said it wouldnt fix germanys air or heli need and would mostly only give more ground lines which arent that necesary for germany

M8 not everything need to be in Germany not every Germany vehicles would be in Germany.
Not every country that has relation with Germany will go in Germany.


never said i want that, but i am of the thought that every tree should at least get one sub tree. Dont know why you claimed that i want everything in the german tree. I even specialy said that sth like benelux (netherland) wouldnt be put into the german tree in that case.

Forgive for this but like for me you just seems like you want the Netherlands, The Lithuanian and now this. For me it comes of as if you want stuff to be in Germany just because of one little tie.
Even though you might not have said it I just sense it if that makes sense

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specialy said, ukraine would be a potential option if netherland gets made into their own tree as benelux, the if is important, i dont want both

as it stands right now the main developer of the boxer is germany, which could fit as an event vehicle as it was “leaked”, the other options i think it could be an event vehicle for israel because the turret of the vilkas is from israel. While it would be great addition for israel i dont know if i should be happy for them to get their first IFV with spikes as an event vehicle…

It just is a fact that your polish C&P idea is just the most abstract and weird one out there. Alone that the first polish vehicle pre order wouldnt be polish is just wrong, maybe later down the line as a sub tree or premium. But not as the very first vehicle. Your new nation delussions are getting out strong with that one.

again like i said, i am for more sub trees in general, i always advocated this because it is the better additions going forward and not add more and more stand alone nations that all will start with the same problems as japan, israel etc

Wrong ? M8 The German Sherman was a CBT pack, and the las time I’ve checked the VL Pyörremyrsky wasn’t Swedish even though they are rare it’s not anything wrong or weird

still dont think they will do it together with rank 8 ground introduction

I mean CBT packs are not really a focus of the update hence we had the black shark update named after the heli ect

People say that it is impossible to add Poland/Czech Republic to the game, but now it’s Ukraine lol

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Poland and Czech are not impossible but yea Ukraine isn’t really big enough to warrant a tech tree.
It will be nice for a polish sub tree though.

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