UI Question

Can someone kindly tell me where I go to see what Decal I’ve received from this crate? It is not showing up in my items and I can’t find it anywhere.

This game has always had some abhorrent UI, but this is on an entirely new level of bad. Why doesn’t whatever I receive from a crate appear on the screen?

it is in the message below that one, you can see that you have the pinup for britain there because it is telling you you cannot recieve it twice

Ok, but how do I know which British pinup was unlocked? If i go to my British decals there is no indication of what it is—I have a myriad of pinups in my inventory.

I digress, why does the decal/pinup/whatever not just show on the screen upon opening?

If you don’t have the little “new” icon on the decals when you customize a vehicle you probably just got the SL because you already had it

yeah i agree it isnt a very good system