UH-1D at 8.7 needs help

Boy it has been a grind ever since got the UH-1D.

It really needs some guided rockets to start with as the unguided rockets at 8.7 (or in my case 9.7 19/20 battles for reasons I do not understand why) are completely useless.

With the FFAR or TDA you need to get really really close in order to hit someone. However, at 8.7 (or for me 9.7) basically every other enemy tank is effectively an AA tank even though it isn’t officially AA. All the BMP-3s and similar can hear, shoot and destroy the UH-1D from 3x longer distances than the UH-1D can try do anything with the FFAR.

There are like 1-2 maps where you can fly behind the mountains to try “ambush” the enemy, although also then all the BMPs and what not will kill you 50% of the times before you can get to range.

Last problem is the BR of the heli. With the unguided rockets (I’m afraid the guided will be the same once I finally get them) you can try hit enemy battle tanks, as with those you have at least some hope of not being immediately shot down before getting even in range. However, main battle tanks at 8.7-9.7 pretty much all have reactive armors and hence I think my record is getting like 850 exp with UH-1D without killing anyone. Just like hitting 20-30 rockets to enemy tanks without killing anyone. All just blocked with the reactive armors and what not.

UH-1D at 8.7 is in completely wrong place. Or then it needs the guided rockets as stock. Now it seems like a lifetime to grind to the guided rockets as with unguided I get 1 kill every 10 battles. Sure this is a skill issue, but still safe to say the unguided rockets have very short effective range to try hit someone. Then again every tank has some heavy machine gun or autocannon to easily shoot UH-1D down from far away.

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