UH-1C in Sim is almost unflyable

I just got the UH-1C, after getting my new VKB sticks set up and configured it’s been a blast playing realistic and PVE, but then I tried Sim and this helicopter is so ridiculously unstable… I can’t aim at anything because it’s bouncing around so much! So I went into Sim Test Flight and the dampening setting on my other heli’s that makes flying Sim pretty easy, is not present at all on the Huey, instead it’s a hover mode? So I can either hover and shoot saclos ATGM’s, or spin and flop around barely able to prevent itself from losing control while moving to a decent position… Also the Huey’s shouldn’t be in Sim events with 2S38’s and Z19’s… Lol. Any suggestions on how to make the Huey less “flopping air fish” and more playable in Sim?

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yeah i have the same problem

I don’t believe it’s an error, as flying helicopters takes a lot of hand eye coordination and fine movements. this means that for the average person without any helicopter flight training flying a Huey without the instructor is quite difficult.

Tried dusting off the Japanese UH-1B after a while, and yeah. The SAS mode, despite being labelled “damping” actually just puts you into hover for whatever reason. Could be a bug.

Which is why most helicopters in the game has SAS (stability augmentation system) that can be set to damping. Kinda trivializes having sim controls if you ask me, but it is what it is. You can actually fly even flying yachts like the Mi-24 in sim with it, just using a keyboard and a mouse. Next best thing for me since I don’t currently have a HOTAS setup.