U-sh 204 GK, should be classed as a Light Tank, or given scouting

Should the U-SH 204 GK be a Light tank/have scouting
  • Yes, Totaly. Would fit better.
  • No, Only give it scouting
  • No.
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Reclassifying the U-SH 204 GK as a light tank would significantly benefit Sweden’s tech tree by enhancing tactical versatility. While it can still serve as an SPAA unit in a pinch, its potential as a light tank is far greater. The closest to a light tank at 5.3 we have is the Strv m/42 DT, Thats not on-par with other medium tanks in armour, or speed of light tanks!

Here’s why this reclassification is advantageous:

  1. Increased Tactical Flexibility: The U-SH 204 GK, reclassified as a light tank, would provide Sweden with a highly maneuverable vehicle capable of performing scouting duties, engaging in rapid flanking maneuvers, and executing hit-and-run tactics. This versatility is currently lacking in Sweden’s lineup and would be a valuable addition.
  2. Enhanced Battlefield Role: In its current SPAA role, the U-SH 204 GK is hampered by its low ammo count. As a light tank, it could maximize its firepower without the same critical need for sustained anti-air fire. This would allow players to use it more effectively in a variety of combat situations, increasing its utility and overall impact on the battlefield.
  3. Retained SPAA Capability: Despite its reclassification, the U-SH 204 GK can still fulfill SPAA duties when needed. Its cannon remains effective against aircraft, giving players the flexibility to switch roles depending on the situation. This dual capability would make the vehicle a more strategic and adaptable choice.

War Thunder players, what do you think about this proposed change? Would the U-SH 204 GK be more valuable as a light tank while retaining its SPAA capabilities when necessary?

+1 from me :)

+1 also it needs a dedicated APDS belt ontop of it so it can go at an even higher BR, making more room for more SPAA’s and LT’s


And place it in the Light tank line!

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I don’t mind it as an SPAA since it doesn’t really change much except putting it at a higher BR maybe, but it really needs the scouting ability otherwise it’s a bit DOA.

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aside from the scounting making it a light tank will only add arty and make it more expensive to spawn

And at least a vertical stabilizer, bc where it stands rn it’s a worse r3