U.S 6.0 Players, stop going after 288’s

It’s simple. Half of their team is useless because of Ju 288’s. However, you make half of our team effectively useless because you want 1 kill and lose all of your advantage. Just ignore them. If one flies infront of your guns put a few shots into it. Otherwise, leave it alone. They aren’t some god tier fighter. They are a bomber that won’t come after you and isn’t really dangerous. You diving after them can not only make you lose your advantage, but just straight up kill you as their gunners are strong. The chances of winning when everyone ignores 288’s until they are the only planes left are greatly higher than losing half of our team because they want 1 kill.

Some of us play 6.0 specifically to hunt the 288.


This is the way.


Turst me, its worse for certain nations. Britain does not do well fighting the 288. We lack the fire-power. Its all about how you engage them, but with practice, its easy kills to blitz past it. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but not a lot they can really do about that BR

Despite i appreciate your efforts to bring some basic know-how to “average”" US players at this BR - how many advantages you need to win?

After roughly 300 matches in the Italian 5.0 P-47 D-30 and 90% full uptiers to 6.0 - i played all of these matches with 4 Ju 288s and 1 or 2 German fighters / strike fighters versus 5-7 US fighters like F2Gs (which totally outclasses 5.0 P-47s)- or other stuff which outperformed me in all 3 categories (Speed, Climb, Turn) - even the P-51 D-30 at 5.0 is the far better plane…

In 278 matches with 53% WR i scored 319 kills and died 46 times, despite playing with joystick (so no mouse aim and therefore no headons) against better planes in numerical disadvantage - and i am just an average pilot.

So the problem you address is not related to Ju 288s - it is simply based on the fact that experienced German fighter pilots avoid this BR range if they care about their stats and mental health.

I am not sure if you used “us” as part of a group or you meant “US” as nation.

In both cases: Where is the challenge to play US/GB at this BR range?

You rarely meet experienced enemy fighters, your plane outperform or outclass them, you outnumber them at least 2 to 1 and all you have to do to kill a Ju 288 is to position yourself to intercept them on their 2nd run…

Do gotta apperciate the fact that much went after the Ju 288s
Would always felt better if the 1vX in the G.56 is a 1v1, this thing converts energy to oppertunities pretty well

Hornet III eats 288 for lunch though! It’s tailor made for it.

Damn the 150 octane crackheads
Any thoughts on the plane? Might play it sometimes

I just tell myself props end at 4.7, and jets start at 7.3.

Then I can avoid that giant blackhole that Gaijin refuse to address.

Great plane, insane rate of climb. 20mm is in a bad place right now but AP belts are decent.

There are two thing I fear in the G.56 and the sagittario - the P-51 H-5 and the hornet Mk III
And I guess time to play on the giving end