Type 93's weight

Theres just no way the type 93 weighs 4.6 tons. No way. The truck itself weighs 2.8 tons no way the missle launcher weighs almost 2 tons. Isnt the type 93 around 3 tons? I read on some sites?

If you think a massive turret on the rear of a toyota weights a couple hundred pounds or something by all means find some references and make a bug report so I can nyoom again.

Yes, 4 tons seems about right. The M1097 Avenger humvee is also about 4 tons. And is that a 170hp engine i see there? Were the civilian mega cruisers fitted with the 150hp engine and the military ones with the 170hp one then?

Take 4.15 imperial tons and convert it to US tons and it becomes 4.65

This was part of the bug report used to change the weight, you’ll need to a better source than this to correct it if you believe it’s wrong

hey, do you have the link to the bug report? Also im kind of confused, why imperial tons? Doesnt japan use the metric system?

This placard shows 4.2t.

War thunder itself uses the metric system so I honestly don’t know in that regard.
Thats the implemented report.

Honestly, I can drive the Type 93 a lot more smoothly on rough terrain. Used to loose control so easily, flip, spin and so on.