Type 93 gen 3 thermal nerf with no explamation towards the playerbase

I noticed the type 93 had lost its gen 3 thermals, which are now gen 1 thermals in the air superiority update. There wasnt much talk about this stealth nerf, considering gaijin never put it in the patch logs or provided a reason for the nerf


I’m curious too, what was the reason for the nerf? Is it historical or a guess that it uses gen 1.

they didnt give us any sources though. or anything to point at the fact it might use gen 3.

Explanation is that Japan can’t have good things, or that Russia couldn’t have it so other nations can’t also have it.

Or they ‘‘believe’’ and ‘‘assume’’ so.


granted thermals on spaa are pretty worthless, but it was still a very nice thing to have. i just wish gaijin was vocal towards the playerbase and told us every change instead of 1/3 of them

In the case of the Type 93, you don’t have a radar, so I think the thermals are actually very useful as visual detection will be your main and only way.

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Actually helps a lot as I can see a black or white dot come out from the aircrafts such as helis or jets firing AGM using thermals. Now being Gen 1, It’s a bit hard to tell if it fired one or not.


If i remember correctly the Thermals from the Typ 93 came from the same company who also made them for the Typ 90 with its thermals around the same time so it would be bouth gen 1. also the Typ 93 would normally have “Radar” support to detect enemy Targets and the Visual sight is more of a backup, so they dont need to give it much expensiver Gen 2/3 Thermals if they got radar.
Something like that was discuesed somewhere, could have bin in the Typ 81 tread when it came out.
Thats why they changed it probably.

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Was it logged in the patch notes?

If it wasn’t it might be a bug, happens sometimes somehow.

nope, just happened out of the blue with no reasons given.

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Could be a bug, might be worth reporting.

Any news on this?

still no sadly

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