Type 89 ATGM Flight Model

So the flight model of the Type 79 ATGM on the Type 89 Japanese IFV is awful.

It drastically dips towards the earth after firing and then sways left and right.
It doesn’t stabilize and fly straight until roughly 600m.

Here is a video of the Type 89 firing it’s ATGM. You can see that there is 0 drop and 0 wobble in flight. The quality isn’t the greatest, but the initial part of the flight is still visible:

I haven’t had much like finding more footage of this particular SACLOS ATGM, but no IRL ATGM flies like the Type 79 in game. They don’t drastically dive towards the earth or corkscrew through the air.

If anyone has any better footage perhaps I can create a bug report

Here is footage from the test drive of the missile diving like crazy:


War Thunder 2023.08.18 - - Trim

I was slightly inclined when firing as can be seen here:



Yeah it’s pretty bad i have been killed due to those wobbles and worse Type 89 only has 4 missile so every missle has to count.

It’s so dumb, it’s like they are designed to miss


ATGM-HE flies straight, but its power is too weak…

Just found this quote on bloody Wikipedia of all places, which is quoting Jane’s Infantry Weapons:

The missile is steered in flight by command signals from the launcher transmitted over a guidance wire spooled out behind the missile. A xenon lamp on the rear of the missile allows the NEC manufactured launcher sight unit to compute an offset between the missile position and line of sight to the target, and calculate steering corrections based on this offset.

Dunno Gaijin, seems to me that this quote proves that the JSDF was a little smarter about their integration of the Type 79 on the Type 89, than just slapping two missile launchers on the side, hooking them up to the main sighting system and hoping for the best.

The Type 89 is already the most nerfed vehicle in the game at this point, there’s just no reason to give it one final kick by making the ATGMs borderline unusuable.

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I hope Gaijin will fix ATGM type 89 in the future


The BMP has beam riding missiles, so not the best comparison.

But the Type 79 seems worse than the TOWs which are wire guided though.

It seems to over-correct itself in both directions creating the corkscrew flight.
I think I will try to create a bug report

It’s not the same type of missile, it’s just convenient all the other missiles are complete ass in comparison to beam riding which happens to not be on any NATO vehicles as far as I know.

Can’t it also shoot on the move?

Yes, also exclusive to Russia I think, because reasons.

There is an acknowledged report already from 2 months ago:


It’s in Russian but it reports the same thing