Type 83 MLRS - I Just Think It'd Be Funny

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TL;DR: A long-range MLRS fitted with four 273mm rockets with a 134kg warhead.



Rocket artillery is generally considered to be an integral part of any military’s arsenal, especially so during and shortly after WW2. Systems like the BM-13 and Panzerwerfer proved to be not only deadly weapons but powerful psychological tools as well. That being said, China would not get its first taste of modern rocket artillery until after WW2 with the introduction of the A3 6-barreled 102mm field rocket launcher in 1950. These wouldn’t be around for too long, however. Around the same time, the Chinese military would also adopt the Soviet BM-13, though, like the A3, these wouldn’t serve for long, however, both these systems made it clear that rocket artillery was certainly a useful asset. 1960s is where Chinese MLRS development really exploded. Development of 107mm and 130mm rocket systems was going smoothly and would soon enter service, however, while these systems had their uses, their maximum range left a lot to be desired. The Chinese military wanted something that could strike a target from upwards of 20 kilometers away. As such, development of a 273mm rocket would begin, however, due to the Chinese Cultural Revolution, work on the project would be halted, only to resume in 1973. Development would be riddled with technological issues. The accuracy of the prototype rockets was very low due to insufficient rigidity of the launch rails. The projectiles and rocket motors themselves were also of low quality. Eventually, these issues would be ironed out and the missile would approved for a small batch production under the designation Type 83. A launcher vehicle for the rockets, based on the Type 60-I artillery tractor, would also enter production under the same name. This launcher vehicle would be capable of carrying a total of 4 of the 273mm rockets. The launcher had an elevation range of 5-56 degrees and traverse of 10 degrees left and right. The rockets are fitted with a 134kg HE warhead and have a maximum speed of 811m/s. They can be fired one at a time or all at once. Although the vehicle would be approved for production, this would not last for long, with the order to cease production being given in 1988, being quickly replaced with the more conventional WM-80 truck-based MLRS.

Place In War Thunder:

The Type 83 MLRS is very clearly not a vehicle designed to ever face an enemy head on, however, neither is the Type 75 MLRS, BM-31-12, BM-13, etc. If anything, the Type 83 is more suited to the game than the BM-31-12 since it can get its launcher down further. What I am suggesting here is not something that I expect would perform well in just about any situation. Performance is not the reason I am suggesting it. I am suggesting this vehicle because it would be really funny to play. It’s essentially a 4-barreled doom launcher shooting 134kg bombs at anyone unfortunate enough to be in its way and not notice it. It will, without a doubt, absolutely demolish anything it can hit. Playstyle would obviously be very reserved. You have no armor to speak of, you aren’t all that quick, your ammorack is massive, and you only get 4 shots before you have to get outta dodge. If, for some reason, you want to actually stay alive in this thing, sitting back is your best bet. You are a long-range MLRS after all. However, if you’re just looking to have some fun, going full Rambo with your 4-barreled shotgun is gonna be more your speed and if you spot a pesky M22 trying to be funny, you can simultaneously dump all 4 273mm rockets into it to make sure it does not return. You won’t live long, but it’ll be a fun short little adventure. This vehicle shouldn’t be anywhere near the tech tree because of course. Best placement for it would be as a reward for a small event like the IS-2 No.321 and BM-31-12 were. Maybe a Chinese New Year event. It may not be very useful, but its ridiculous enough that people are going to want it for the memes.


Armament: 273mm Type 83 rocket x4

Dimensions: 6.19m, 2.60m, 3.18m (L,W,H)

Weight: 17540kg

Armor: None

Crew: 5

Ammunition: HE

Speed: 60kph

Horsepower: 300hp


Front View:






Minimum Elevation:



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