Type 69-IIM - Standardizing

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TL;DR: A Type 69-IIA modified to carry the 105mm Type 83 cannon.



After the Sino-Soviet Split, the Soviet Union withdrew all technical support for the Chinese arms industry, causing tank development to stagnate. This was until the 1969 Sino-Soviet Border Conflict, during which the PLA managed to capture a Soviet T-62. The vehicle was studied extensively and the knowledge and technologies gained were used to improve the fast depreciating Type 59s. These upgrades would turn the Type 59 into the Type 69 and, eventually, into the Type 69-I. These vehicles would be equipped with the 100mm Type 69 smoothbore cannon. Development continued and, in 1982, the main production variant was unveiled under the name Type 69-IIA. The smoothbore cannon was replaced with the 100mm Type 69-II smoothbore cannon, which is similar to the one found on the Type 59, as the previous smoothbore cannon had proved itself to be less precise, less reliable, and an overall disappointment. While the Type 69-IIA was a welcome improvement, it still wasn’t up to the PLA’s standards and was only adopted in limited numbers. As China modernized its arsenal, more and more of its tanks were being equipped with 105mm cannons, derived from the British L7. This would eventually pose an issue as having two calibers, 100mm and 105mm, mounted on their MBTs wasn’t ideal for logistics. By 1988, the few Type 69-IIAs that the PLA had accepted were still equipped with the long outdated 100mm cannon. If these tanks were to be forced into engagements, resupplying them would be very difficult. The PLA knew this too, and ordered the few Type 69-IIAs in service to be equipped with Type 83 105mm cannons. 3 prototypes would be ready by August 1989, which would undergo performance trials in September. They would pass trials and be designated Type 69-IIM. Since all the upgrade did was change the main weapon and install a few fire control improvements, the flow from development to production was incredibly quick. No ERA would be fitted. Type 69-IIAs would be converted into Type 69-IIMs from 1989 to March of 1990. These would serve until the more advanced Type 88 would become more widely available. Bangladesh would also upgrade a few of its Type 69-IIA to the Type 69-IIM standard, some of which would later be upgraded to the T-69-IIG we see in-game.

Place In War Thunder:

Most players can agree that the current only tech tree Type 69 isn’t a very good tank. Its APFSDS round is abysmally bad, so much so that you might even catch yourself begging for the HEATFS round to be stock. Having a more capable version of the Type 69 would be very welcome. Gameplay wise, it’d play very similarly to the ZTZ59D1 or T-69-IIG. It features a more powerful engine than the ZTZ59D1 with a identically performing cannon. That being said, since the Type 69-IIM served into the 1990s, it likely received better ammunition. It would make a very nice step between the ZTZ59D1 and ZTZ88A. Though, since China already has quite the powerful 8.7 tech tree lineup, it could also be added as a squadron vehicle.


Armament: 105mm Type 83 cannon, 1x 7.62mm SGMT MG, and 1x 12.7mm DShK HMG

Dimensions: 6.24m, 3.30m, 2.80m (L,W,H)

Weight: 36700~kg

Armor: Same as Type 69 in-game

Crew: 4

Ammunition: Same as ZTZ59D1 in-game

Speed: 50kph

Horsepower: 580hp


Displayed at a military assembly (723 is the Type 69-IIM):


The same tank in storage:


Technical Drawing:


Type 69-IIMs in Bangladeshi service:



Type 69 tank - Wikipedia

日本周辺国の軍事兵器: 69式戦車(WZ-121)

China Defense Blog: Rare photos of Type 69II in PLA service.

It could be a techtree alternative to Type 69 IIA


The 69-II is 8.0 and the 69-IIG is 8.3 in GRB, seem that there is not a good place for the 69-IIM now.

Both of which are premiums. The 69-IIM would make a perfectly adequate squadron alternative.


Finally bringing the Type 69-II to the tech tree? I support this. +1


Yeah, both ZTZ69-IIM and Type 69-IIM is good.

+1 looks it’d be quite competitve. It also looks good.

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