Type 69 2 g at 9.0 makes 0 sense

I am here today to discuss a travesty in the chinese tech tree. A once beautiful premium the type 69 2 g was amazing at 8.7 and 8.3 respectively. Now it has been nerfed into the ground.

This tank has 0 composite armor and minimal ERA for 9.0 considering most games are uptiers and your facing object 292s now and wolfpacks and everything else premium under the sun at 10.0

This tank has a standard 350mm pen dart for the 8.3 and 8.7 BR now in comparssion the TAM also at 9.0 now with DM 33 and next to none armor but also the type 69 for this respective BR has no armor and an even worst round so how does that make sense? One is an MBT and one is a light tank yet both have 0 zero armor for this BR and one has an even worst round yet the type 69 is at 9.0 though?

This makes 0 sense this thing is a literal t55 on steroids with terrible turret rotation and a bad reload yet here me out were still at 9.0 lol its sister tank the ZTZ88B at least has a compsite screen for the lowe plate to give it some sort of protection on an angle. So once again how is this tank at 9.0? I understand decrompession but dont nerf the tank i bought at 8.7 and wanted it to stay that way because now when irs uptiered its pratically useless. I have to play this thing like a light tank and literally hide behind rocks just to stay alive or even worst just sit still and snipe with a gun that has almost no depression

As yoh can see in the picture this is a standard 8.7 round not that would easily pen this tank now imagine this thing in a 9.3 game or 9.7 or even worst a 10. Game? This thing has literally been killed and im literally pissed they took a tank i paid my hard earned money for that i bought for a specific reason and they killed it for who? Just to make way for more preiuems to appease butt hurt people? Im so sick of gaijin killing certain tanks when they nerf it by upping its BR and in do so they make it unplayable and not enjoyable what so ever anymore.

I propose from here on out we make a player base decisions on which tanks get uptiered only on our approval should a tank be moved up in BR and this only should happen through polling, this is our game and we are the customers why do we not have a say in what goes where? We need to realize our power here.

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so what do you suppose the difference in you suffering in a full uptier to 10.0 and the difference between every single other MBT having the same issue at 9.0 in 10.0 uptiers

Hmm lets take a look at the other tanks in its BR.

Leopard A1A1
Has DM23 rounds getting 337mm of penetration with a stabilized turret and the armor is more like a light tank.

It Has M774 rounds getting 372mm of penetration with a stabilized turret and armor much better then the leopard but it lacks in speed.

It has 3BM28 getting 386mm of penetration with a stabilized turret. It is also around the same armor and speed as the T-69.

Type-74 (E)
It has type-93 rounds getting 410mm of penetration with a stabilized turret. It pretty much is a light tank due to the lack of armor it has.

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One thing I really hate when using the T-62M1 is the crappy optical zoom, I mean like really? must have been a mistake.

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It got wrong optics since it’s introduction, many bug reports were made for it but Gaijin still Gaijin, NATO is not the only side that got some thing wrong but not fixed for long period of time.


No but one side definitely gets more constant fixes than the other.

Meh, still hate the way Gaijin treated bug reports but who know, maybe not enough force to deal with so many problems, Rusian forum also whinning alot with the ammo and modeling of Russian tanks but got ignores frequently like they do with the international.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 150909

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Note: I was wrong about the sight, the name is wrong but the spec is right.
The problem i want it fix is the reload time since it suppose to reload equal or faster then T-55.
But still, we suffer because of it but help us learn alot and get better lineup with 10.0 though, that BR bracket was a pain for me back then, now it way more fun when we have more vehicle to fill.

All 9.0 tanks are currently in a bad situation. But that doesn’t mean this tank should be 8.3/8.7 again. What we need is decompression and a few historical inaccuracy of T-69 II G needs to be fixed.