Type 625E necessary addition to fill 9.3 - 11.7 SPAA gap

China has a 10.7 lineup but no support vehicles.

The QN506 addition despite being an event vehicle will at least continue to fulfill the role of IFV, the AFT-09 is a very functional missile carrier.

Where are the SPAA options?

Drones are enabled 10.3 onwards yet there is no radar tracking SPAA option. We are stuck with 10G SAMs


i agree!

625E using FB-10 SAM which has 40G+ overload and 20km+ range.

Yitian at 9.3-9.7 with ty-90

there is also jeep version

Also a Big Boi version

Zbl08 has an autocannon and ty90


which kind of ammunition does this cannon fire?

I was really curious about this vehicle as I felt it would make a great SPAA for China and apperently it’s real name is PGL-12 (Type 12) Anti-Air Gun-Missile System. I really hope someone considers making a suggestion for this vehicle.

It’s the same 35mm as found on the gepard.

nonono it is same as 2A72 30mm auto canno ,ZBL08 can be seen as a BMP3 with wheels and without HE becasue it has a HJ73 launcher

it’s as same as 2A72 and has a HJ73 launcher

Your thinking of the IFV version which uses a different autocannon. This vehicle is based on an already modified SPAA version of the platform that uses the 35mm autocannon, hints why it’s called the Type 12.
The Type 12 is actually just a modification of the type 09 anti air reconnaissance vehicle, which in turn is based on the IFV version.

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oh sry my bad. I thought you r talking about ZBL08

All good, I should of specified what exactly I was talking about.