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Hello! This is a suggestion for the Chinese Type 59G-125, a variant of the Type 59 offered by offered by Liaoning Poly Special Vehicle Ltd., notably featuring a redesigned turret, equipped with a 125mm smootbore gun. As a note to clarify, this suggestion is specifically for the variant showcased above and at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2018, and DVEX-2019, and not the original Type 59G with a more arrowhead shaped turret, as seen in service with Chad and Tanzania seen here.

Information is a little confused on this vehicle and the variant with the more arrowhead shaped turret, but for the sake of brevity, the vehicle here with a more flat turret will be the Type 59G-125, and the arrowhead one, the Type 59G. For that, you can find an excellent post by panzerknoef here. If you have any corrections on this, I would appreciate it.

History & Design


Sudanese Type 59s upgraded with 105mm guns, countries with fleets of Type 59s already are the target customers for the Type 59G.

A model of the future Type 59G at IDEX-2007.

In the 21st century, the Type 59 from the 1950s is no longer a viable option for a modern army, due to its outdated gun, and comparatively primitive systems. To solve this issue and provide an alternative to buying new tanks completely, Liaoning Poly Special Vehicle Ltd. showcased a model of its Type 59 upgrade program at IDEX-2007, equipped with a redesigned turret and an upgrade in firepower to a 125mm gun. This ultimately culminated in sales to Tanzania, and later Chad, of the Type 59G, a vehicle equipped with a turret remarkably similar to the ZTZ96A. The upgrade allows users of the Type 59 to upgrade their tank fleet with more modern firepower, protection, and electronics, while still using the Type 59 chassis. However, unlike the ZTZ96A, it seems unlikely that the Type 59G has been fitted with an autoloader, due to the smaller chassis size.

A further variation, labeled the Type 59G-125, was showcased at the 12th Zhuhai Air Show in 2018, featuring a more flat turret face. This same vehicle would be demonstrated for a crowd the following year at DVEX-2019 in Tianjin, and since then, does not seem to have had any known export orders.

A Type 59G-105 (left) next to the Type 59G-125 at the Zhuhai Air Show, 2018.

The Type 59G-125 during a demonstration at DVEX-2019 in Tianjin, China.



Crew: 4
Weight: 40.5 t
Main armament: 125mm ZPT-98 smoothbore gun
Secondary armament: 7.62mm machine gun & 12.7mm machine gun
Protection: 6× smoke grenade launchers on each side of the turret & FY-2 ERA on turret and hull front
Engine: 730 hp 12V150ZLC engine



Type 59G Tank - Fighting-Vehicles.com




Absolutely +1. Any crazy Chinese design is good in my book!


+1 From me it looks like a cool tank

Nice, perfect for the China export line Gaijin are working on.

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Heck yes, this is like a mini MBT 2000, will be fun at a br of 9.7.

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I like this, but with so many type 59-125, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and Baoli, it’s not very possible that they will all brought to game, the 59g-105 can be another good choice. Any idea of create a new suggestion for the type 59g-105? I really like it.

I like the 105 version as well. Unfortunately, the 59g-105 has a smaller engine compartment than the 59-125, judging by the field photos. and it seems to have a similar fire control system to the ZTZ96 - the 59-125’s is similar to the ZTZ96A. They also have different turret welds. So it’s probably safe to assume that the 59-105 was like an upgraded version of a 59D1, while the 59-125 underwent more modernization.

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I love my T-55 derivatives and the Type 59 is one of them, this would be VERY unique and I’d love to see this in-game!


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I feel the same way, although the Type 59 is actually a license produced variant of the T-54A!

would love to see this rather unique Chinese MBT in game, +1!
Equally would love to see the 105mm version and the original 59G.

You know what is mordernised from a local design? the Type-62G!

Are you sure about that? Our upgraded Type 59Gs have the exact same engine and similar weight but they barely reach 50 Km/h speed.

No, it uses 730 hp new engine.

So does ours. Even if it has a better transmission 70 Km/h with just 730 HP engine seems quite unrealistic.

It’s possible it could be less, I added the ~ as an indication that it’s an estimation, I haven’t really found much concrete information on it unfortunately. However, just to be sure, I’ve edited the specifications section to reflect only information shown for the vehicle at the IDEX exhibition.

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Imagine some people mistaking him for 96A and not daring to shoot easily

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.