Type 5 change

The type 5 30mm cannons were recently nerfed, and over several sources the velocity of the rounds go from 700-920 M/S. During my search, overall I found more sources stating that the cannons had a fire rate which is much higher than the current one than sources stating it is lower. I cannot directly confirm however and would love more information about it.


Alongside this, due to this change i feel that many aircraft are now underperforming due to the lack of firepower they have, for example, the kikka now lacks damage even with HEF stealth belts and due to it only having one cannon stock with a very small ammo pool, it has gotten increasingly difficult to use. This goes the same for the R2Y2, which had its main selling point at the Type 5 cannon.


I believe 920 m/s is just wrong. Apparently it is a confusion with another cannon, if I’m not mistaken called the β€œ18-Shi 1-Gata” 20 mm cannon, which had similar construction to the Type 5 30 mm and had this higher muzzle velocity. However, the current muzzle velocity of 770 m/s for the Type 5 is correct from what I can tell.

There’s a recent bug report that states a higher RPM of 500 or 530.

Well you have to consider that the Type 5 30 mm now has actual functional AP rounds as well, instead of a highly questionable practice round.
While the anti air capabilities have undeniably gone down, aircraft like the R2Y2 are going to be very menacing for tanks, particularly in ground battles.

So they are undeniably screwing air mains over ground mains yet again because with the kikka I’ve been having to pump atleast 10 rounds into each person. Also, according to Wikipedia and a few other sources I saw lying around, the type 5 specifications are at a MV of 920 m/s, I had only found one source stating that they were lower than that at around 740. And yes it does mean the actual 30mm type 5.

Wikipedia is not a good source. Not to mention that if you go to Japanese wikipedia, not only does it say the muzzle velocity is 750 m/s, it also talks about the other cannon I mentioned with it’s higher muzzle velocity.


The muzzle velocity was adjusted as per a bug report which made use of no fewer than 5 separate citations from both primary and authored sources. The muzzle velocity of 770m/s is not in error.

Japanese Air Weapons and Tactics, Page 25

2526ft/s = 770m/s