Type 16 FPS needs to go up

This vehicle just dominates at its current position and makes for frustrating fights.

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They do need a BR rise, their performance and capability are just too good for the current BR.

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Yea lets make a single vehicle in tech tree 10.0 and play either 9.0lineup against 11.0 or 10.0 vehicle against 12.0 br(for the most stupid ones thats sarcasm)


With about 350 matches in the fps I disagree it’s mediocre at its br while yes it has amazing mobility thermals and has a top gun .50 cal that’s where it ends its rounds are mediocre I absolutely hate the m735 it struggles with that round you are better using the heat or hesh for example wma for China has better rounds but slightly less movement the centauro 105 is faster and has better ammo the tams (2ip and tam tech tree) slightly less mobility smaller more survivable and has better rounds the rooikat mttd is same br better in every way if it goes up then it needs a proper line up and better rounds or leave it as is this isn’t something that’s funny either type 89 has suffered from people complaining and now it’s the worst 8.7 ifv the type 16 fps is really easy to deal with as it’s loud and tall