Type 16 FPS is unrealistically bad

The Type 16 is unplayable with its current round (M735) there is absolutely no justification for the type 16 in its current state to be placed in the same match as the leopard 2a4 or the 2s25m (which has a top tier round) it would not even make sense for the Type 16 to have such a round considering it was designed in 2007 meaning the Type 93 round would already be in service by the time of introduction.


the nerf is to M735, not the tank. its the fact that Gaijin has decided to use a different calculation algorithm to every other dart in the game for… just like two or three specific USA APFSDS rounds for… some reason? M735 included.

Anyway, I’ve honestly not had as many issues with the Type 16P as I expected using that round. It feels pretty much fine to me, it did get a small boost in angled performance that made its nerf to flat pen feel less noticeable with the change.

Plus, honestly, gen 3 thermals at that BR felt very dirty (especially back when it was 8.7). As much as its a meme that japan keeps getting screwed by gaijin and BR changes, that is one vehicle in particular I kinda can’t really argue against deserving of its higher BR.

type 16 p and fps have gen 2 thermals, unless we’re talking about the 9.7 type 16?

nope, they all have gen 3:

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A modern IFV fighting 10.3 shouldn’t be stuck with 1970s APFSDS that got nerfed for no reason and they refuse to revert which I can’t explain any other reason than bias.

Gen 3 thermals are nice, but it doesn’t kill things, gen 2 or 3 are pretty much identical to me and only gen 1 is a significant step lower.

I see no reason why it shouldn’t be 9.0.


By far the biggest issue with M735 is it’s post-pen damage, and not it’s overall penetration.

It is a very fast, wheeled, light tank with all the bells and whistles you’d need at 9.3.

It is also somewhat trolly with it’s survivability due to it having lots of empty space.

You are only looking at it from the perspective of facing 10.3 tanks (which you can only face 4 players with them per match).

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4 players with a 10.3 tanks and everyone else can spawn in 10.0 tanks like the 2S38, Turms and whatnot.

Wheeled doesn’t mean much either, wheeled is worse than tracked in the majority of circumstances, the XM-1 will outperform it in all condition, wheels just mean poor mobility in snow, sand, water and inclines, inability to turn on the spot and a larger turn radius.