Type 10 & TKX Blow out panels

So whenever “and that’s a lot of times” i get my ammo blown out i need to use 2 and sometimes 3 FPE to stop the fire, and this problems seems only relatable to the japanese tanks.
Is that a bug or just a way to screw japanese tanks ??
And not only that but the frequency that i get these ammo blown ups is insane, more than once i lost all my ammo with TKX just to respawn with type 10 and the first shot lose everything again.

I personally noticed that whenever i get ammonracked in 2A7 all but 3 shells detonate and I have to use FPE multiple times to extinguish the flame.

So based on that and what you said, Id bet the blowout panels are just bugged.


I haven’t exactly had this issue on my Type 10 or TKX, but I’ve had other issues with Japanese blow out panels.

The blow out panels on the Type 99 don’t seem to work at all currently. Even shells that don’t penetrate the crew compartment seem to cause ammo detonation death as if the blow out panels weren’t even there.

Yeah type 99 blowup pannels for some reason don’t work

no, you just cant extinguish the ammunition fire. So you need to wait untill that is over before using the fire extinguisher.

i know but even turning my turret it set’s my tank of fire, even with 2 fpe i cant take it out most of the times

Same on Leclerc

Rotate your Turret 90°. For me that helped because the ammo fire sets of your engine. That way → no FPE needed


That…makes way too much sense as to whats happening.

what does the message that you responded to say?

Wait untill the ammunition fire is over.

You need to rotate the burning ammo away from your engine. I think that’s consistent across all Tanks with blowout panels (at least US and Japanese ones).

Idk if it’s accurate to real life, but in-game it works that way for some reason.

Idk why they Made them like that, irl they don’t do that since the fire goes upwards instead of downwards

They also made them just not work if you have too much HEAT-FS loaded, but that’s just gaijin being gaijin I suppose

No that’s just a general bug sometimes your blast door gets pen’d and it dosent work