Type 10 Acceleration

The Type 10 currently accelerates way too slowly compared to what I’ve seen in some videos. Are there any plans to fix this or is this something we’ll never see in-game? I feel like it would benefit the Type 10 greatly as it currently gets outclassed by other 11.7 MBTs. I think making the Type 10 more agile could be really good for the overall viability of the Tank. (Not that it is especially bad by any means)

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Here: (32) JGSDF Type 10 Vs Type 90. - YouTube

And Here: As you can see here, Type 10 has SIGNIFICANTLY better acceleration and mobility than Type 90, thanks to its advanced CVT transmission. However, in War Thunder, it’s slower just because of the lower raw HP/T ratio. Since Gaijin won’t model different transmissions, I would like to suggest…(comments) : r/Warthunder (reddit.com)

I know it because of the Transmission of the Tank and that it’s not modeled correctly, I just didn’t wanted to focus on the gameplay implications of such a change

Those videos are filmed from a fixed point, where the perception of acceleration will be dramatically affected compared to the “floating camera” that follows the tank in game.

There’s nothing wrong in asking for them to be fixed, but those videos prove nothing you’re saying.

My point was mainly to say that it would benefit the Type 10 gameplay-wise if it had better acceleration.

Sure sure, but I doubt anything can be done with “I’ve seen in some videos” as argument.

We have actual test charts showing that the Type 10 should be faster than the Type 90 in basically every scenario. The HMT of the Type 10 provides an efficiency where despite having 300 less hp, the sprocket output of both the The Type 90 and Type 10 are equivalent .


If you compare it to the Type 90 it’s the same. The Type 10 is way fast than the Type 90, They should not be the same.

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