Type 07PA - Exporting The Reverse-Engineered Mortar

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TL;DR: An 8x8 armored car equipped with a 120mm breach-loader mortar.



The Type 07PA’s history began in the late 1990 when the development of a new APC was initiated. Poly Technologies (PolyTech) and NORINCO both submitted designs to meet the requirements set by the Chinese Army. These were the Type 07P and Type 08 respectively. NORINCO’s Type 08 was ultimately accepted into service as the ZBL-08, which served as the basis for the ZLT-11, a vehicle we already have in-game. PolyTech’s Type 07P didn’t go to waste, however, as it was instead marketed as an export vehicle targeted at developing countries as well as an internal security vehicle for the Chinese Police. In 2008, pictures of a new variant of the Type 07P began circulating. This vehicle was a joint development between PolyTech and NORINCO featuring PolyTech’s Type 07P chassis and NORINCO’s 120mm gun/mortar system. The resulting vehicle was meant to be a simpler export version of China’s domestic PLL-05 and was shown off at IDEAS 2014 in Karachi, Pakistan, under the designation of CS/SM2, though it is better known by the name of Type 07PA. Tanzania, having been quietly communicating with China for a few years, received twelve Type 07PAs in 2014, officially unveiling them on April 25th of the same year during the 50th Tanzanian Independence Anniversary. To this day, Tanzania is the sole operator of the Type 07PA. As previously stated, the main weapon of the Type 07PA is a 120mm gun/mortar. This weapon is a copy of Russia’s 2A60 120mm gun/mortar, which was developed through the study and reverse engineering of Russia’s 2S9 Nona-S. Like it’s Russian counterpart, China’s 120mm gun/mortar was to be used for both direct and indirect fire.

Place In War Thunder:

China makes export versions of nearly every vehicle in their arsenal, very few proposals go to waste without first being repurposed. Though it may be a mortar carrier, the Type 07PA is more than capable of handling itself in War Thunder due to its direct fire capabilities. Playstyle of the vehicle would be decently unique as the vehicle’s main anti-tank round is HEAT though HE-donking may also be viable due to overpressure. Also, it must be remembered that the Type 07PA is a mortar system and, while unlikely to be equipped with them in-game, is capable of firing mortar bombs. I feel that getting a tank or even aircraft kill with a mortar bomb would be a nice challenge to take one’s mind off the grind. Since the Type 07PA is an export vehicle, it would best fit in as a premium, similar to the WMA-301.


Armament: 120mm gun/mortar and 1x 12.7mm MG

Dimensions: 7.00m, 2.65m, 3.44m (L,W,H)

Weight: 20000~kg

Armor: Proof against smaller arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

Crew: 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)

Ammunition: HEAT (600-650mm of pen), HE, Smoke, Mortar Bombs (30 rounds of ammunition)

Speed: 100kph

Horsepower: 400hp


Blurry Side View:


Tanzanian Type 07PA:






Type 07P - Wikipedia


When Russia gets the Nona-S or SVK, this must go to China. +1

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+1, seem fun