TY90 Nerf

The TY90 now pulls 20G, and is way less capable and is significantly worse in comparison to before.
I would suggest on a reduce of BR for the Z9, Z19 and Z10 since the only reason they are there are because of their TY90.
Even before the update TY90 has undergone many nerfs from IRCCM nerf to acceleration, the less Gs meant it is no longer as capable and perhaps AIM9M is just as good if not better. Z10 has similar/worse loadout in comparison to AH1Z with worse RWR. The Z9W has no CAS capability so it is just a way more expensive AA with lesser capability than Strela without radar or image recognition.

  • Yes I would like TY90 reverted
  • Yes I would like BR reduction
  • No they are fine
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I mean there are a couple problems to TY90, they are powerful missiles but as another thread talked about before, we must consider what the BR is without TY90, and then weigh out if TY90 is worth this much of BR rise. Z9W would be 9.3 and Z9WA 10.0. So since they are less competent, I think it is only right to lower the BR slightly since having HJ8s in 10.0 which have less range than all SPAA missiles at 9.0 or above is not apparently capable enough.