TY-90s have no place in 10_2

There is zero excuse for TY-90 flingers to exist in the 10_2 bracket. China now has both the Kiowa AND the Whiskey Cobra, they don’t need the TY-90 carriers for the helicopters.

16 undodgeable, unflarable, idiot-proof missiles that apparently also get locks through clouds is a load of crap.

Anybody defending their existence in this bracket is a handheld idiot

Edit: Lmao full of handheld cope I see. Need a fantasy world hovercraft with an empty damage model and idiot proof missiles to counter Vietnam era jets. Typical ‘"certain’" behavior


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You can preflare them or outpull them by doing a barell roll btw. They suffered multiple nerfs and are barely the former OP undodgeable unflareable missle.


TY-90s can be dodged, although this is simulator mode, so this would be much more difficult (to even be aware too).
TY-90s can be pre-flared, since the seeker would lock onto the flares rather than the jet, although this is unreliable and seems to only work on certain jets, at least from my experience.

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I’ve had better success just keeping an IR warmed up to counter-fire a TY-90 launch than I have had preflaring them. But that is irrelevant when they exist on platforms with UFO physics that can immediately invert to dodge your gun run and then immediately pull 180° look vertical, and fire a missile up your ass through pre-flares and a cloud.


This is only semi-reliable in a head on launch. In a rear aspect launch, you will only evade a TY-90 by outrunning it. This wouldn’t be half as bad of an issue if helicopters didn’t have UFO flight models that allowed them to immediately react to anything.


You mean that Z-19 that have no HUD in the game despite having one IRL, so you have to remember where in cockpit the seeker is when you activate it to catch something innit? And also,AH-1W aint great example, that heli doesnt have any AAMs unless you get 2 9Ls for half of your Hellfires, and that trade is bad. So what you ask for is basically having helpless helis against planes so you can farm them. The missles are the only form of defence Z-19 have against air, as it doesnt have gun.


Helicopters should NOT be the most effective anti-air asset in the match. They should be reliably farmed by aircraft.


Best ways to deal with Chinese helicopters, at least from my experience, is going low and fast, while trying to get back into cover the moment you pass them.

They become relatively defenseless once you are close enough, and although they are very maneuverable, they can be shot down with good enough aim. Assume that they will attempt to dodge your guns by moving to the side or by dropping down to the ground, and be ready for that instead.

Mavericks are also very useful when dealing with helicopters, although their effectiveness varies, especially if they are aware or not, and if they dodge them in-time.

And so should SPAA reliably farm planes as well?

SPAA should reliably farm helicopters as well, and be enough of a deterrent to aircraft to prevent effective CAS. They should not be so effective as to create a no-fly zone for their own CAS to operate in. The most reliable anti-air asset should be a fighter.

I don’t need lessons on how to deal with them. I’ve put up with it for literally years at this point. I’m tired of being the only effective air player on my team that has to deal with dodging 3+ TY-90 fags at once or suffer them camping me in my tanks

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Chinese Helicopters sacrifice their anti-tank capabilities for the ability to use those TY-90s. This was not the case when stuff like the Z-19 was at 10.3 and the Z-9WA was at 9.7.
These respective helicopters are now at 11.3 and 10.7, with little to no improvements in anti-tank capabilities. If you cannot deal with them in the air, SPAAs are, by far, the most effective ways to deal with them.


They don’t sacrifice anything in A2G capacity. Their AKDs are just better hellfires since Gayjin refuses to fix their targeting.

BRs are irrelevant this is a ground sim discussion. The TY-90 is contemporary with AIM-120 equipped aircraft, not rear aspect limited IR missiles or SARHs without PD radar host aircraft.

I CAN deal with them. I shouldn’t have to in the 10_2 Sim bracket.

They are already only SPAA food in the top top sim,and even in this one the Roland counters it pretty easily.

I have played both the Apache and Z-19 extensively to say that the Hellfires are better at dealing devastating 1-shot kills than AKD-9s, due to them having 3.6x as much explosive filler. However, you are correct that AKD-9s are more reliable at hitting targets (especially moving ones), than hellfires.

On the other hand, AKD-9s are slower than Hellfires and have a range of 6km instead of 8km (although hellfires become more and more unreliable as the target gets further away).

Fair enough, I will talk about SIM BRs then.

Hellfire helicopters at 10.0 (similar BR as the Z-19), like the AH-1Z, gets 2x Aim-9Ms, along with 16x Hellfires, which, from my experience, allows a lot better and swifter ground pounding than the Z-19 would ever be able to.

Just because you don’t want to face them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to face them.
There are ways to deal with them, and like you said, they can be dealt with.

This is true, but again, you could argue that the Maus should be able to fight its contemporaries too, but would that be fair?

The performance of the weapons, as well as the vehicle’s performance, should be what determines the BR, not what time period they were used in- and Gaijin (as well as the fact that a good F-5E pilot can roll-dodge, and strafe Z-19s) says that it’s fine (to some extent) facing these vehicles.


Stormer is very good counter, for example.

TY-90s use tracking suspension, which is effectively the easiest to dodge.

They cannot lock onto flares.

Unless this has changed recently, last I checked they did not use tracking suspension. They just changed the missile to not see flares at all once it’s off the rails.

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