TWS on Sea Harrier FA.2 and Tornado F.3 late is broken

Anyone tried using these yet? while trying to select a target, my TWS just constantly moves around highlighting stuff at random including missiles. It was actually making me angry earlier just trying to get a lock while missiles are flying at me and Im fighting the radar more than the enemy.

Wouldnt be too bad but Gaijin insists on these Moronic 16v16 furballs so my radar screen is filled with garbage and i get sensory overload. Air RB is actually comedic at this point, and of course the new “smaller team size” option basically never works, I’ve ground out 3 of the new planes now and have probably gotten around 5 12v12 lobbies. What a joke.

TWS on the F15Jm seems to work fine for the most part.

In the F14B, it was doing the same for me. A couple of days ago it was working perfectly but now it just bounces from target to target for no reason.

This also affects gripen radar. It’s so bad I don’t even use TWS.

I think this isn’t anything new, but the new missiles seem to be overly detectable by TWS and so when people are spamming missiles off. It’s almost chaffing the TWS.

I generally mitigate this by using manual target selection rather cyclic selection, but it’s overly fiddly to do in ARB without a HOTAS

Gripen currently has the Sea Harrier’s radar as a placeholder as the Gripen’s radar is based upon the sea harrier’s blue Vixen radar but not enough information is available for the differences to be modelled yet