Two-stage zoom-in option for high-magnification weapons

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The game is steadily moving towards the modern era, and with it comes more high-scaling weapons. However, there is one problem with this that may be inconvenient for players.

That is, if you press the zoom-in key once more after zooming in at the minimum magnification, it will immediately switch to the maximum magnification. For most vehicles this is not a problem. However, it is problematic for some vehicles, such as modern drones, helicopters and aircraft. In my case, when I switch to high magnification to aim after finding an enemy at low magnification, I sometimes miss the enemy because the magnification suddenly goes too high.

For example, the AH-64D has a gunner’s magnification of 3.0x-126.0x. There is no doubt that this is a very extreme gap.

You can fine-tune the magnification, of course, but it’s not as fast as a single right-click. Also, it becomes a problem if the mouse wheel axis is assigned to the zero distance control rather than the magnification scale control.

My suggestion is to introduce an “intermediate step” to allow players to engage more reliably with weapons that have such a large difference between minimum and maximum multipliers. For example, for a weapon that gives a multiplier of 4.0x-64.0x, you can change the multiplier to something like 4.0x-32.0x-64.0x-4.0x-… per right-click.

Do you like this idea? If so, how can we further improve this idea?


+1. It would be really useful

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I didn’t even know you could control the magnification with the wheel. I used it to control the sight and the range of the projectile.

in real life targeting pods generally have 2-4 zoom levels, and then digital zoom available for each selectable fov. this change would both be good for player experience and improve realism of the sim.

This would be a very good addition to most of the optics we have in-game, the easiest way to see how this would benefit the game is from the view of some helicopters, the zoom on some of them are so extreme to the point where your literally zooming in close enough you can see the rivets on the tanks and on others you have no zoom at all. Same goes for most tanks and some aircrafts.


Some aircraft like A-10/Late even have the zoom at maximum, which is problematic. There are times when I wish I could zoom out a bit to better find the target I’m trying to aim at.

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Would also make a good video effect launch the air to ground missile at a tank then slowly pan into it till it goes boom.

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I own a Logitech Mx master 3, it’s unique feature is to have an additional scroll weel on the left side, this would be perfect for the zoom control since most of players like me use main scroll weel to adjust gun aim.

Unfortunately, this additional mouse axis is not recognized by WT, so it’s completely unuseful.

Would be a great thing to add support for this extra weel, what do you people think?


i’m able to use it in game. by affectif a key with the help from the Logithec app. u can do that realy easily with their soft.

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Thank you,

Opening the Logitech app, I can choose a custom action for the second weel, but I do not understand how to make it work on warthunder.
Could you be so kind to post a couple of screenshots of your setups ( both wt and Logitech app)

Many thanks!!


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Yes please, lots of tanks and helis have this!

It should match whatever the original vehicle had historically.
So most older vehicles should not have any “zoom” at all , unless they had a “unity sight” or periscope for the gunner.
In the modern electrooptical era, the system and training specified centering the target in the FOV before going to a higher power, this is why “low mag” views often have what look like brackets in them.

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simply affect a shortcout key for both action of the wheel as exemple f3 and f4 or what ever you want. and after set that key in the control in warthunder.

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Got it, many thanks!!