Two requests to Gaijin.. on Streams and Replays

When I’m drinking my morning coffee I like to watch my brother’s replays to get a good laugh… He’s got a complicated user name that is a pain to type in each time to the Streams and Replays under ‘Search by user nicks’. Can you make it so it auto-fills with names that have been previously searched for so all I have to do is enter the first letter?

Also, when a replay is over, can you make it go back to the ‘Replays’ search page instead of back to the hangar?

Thank you

Make a suggestion for this in Suggestion → Gameplay.

I would like to see this.

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Done… Thank you for the input. Make sure to vote ;) (assuming my post gets approved)

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It follows a predictable syntax. You can just make this string your bookmark too. Just change “username” to the player name[nick]=username&action=search

until suggestion gets passed (or not), you can bookmark the search in your browser and have a quick link to the searched name saved.

Cool… I usually do it from in the game, but guess it’s the same as doing it from the browser.

I will. This would be a neat feature to see.

Humm… well I guess the moderators didn’t like it… I got an email saying they reviewed it (in suggestions-gameplay) like 4 hours ago and it still hasn’t shown up in the list.