Two piece solid shot ammo rack?

Quick question, how difficult would it be to make it so that vehicles with two piece ammo and only solid shot don’t get ammo racked when hitting the shells. They are just lumps of steel and have no explosive filler so, in my opinion, they shouldn’t explode. I know its a small detail that will never be implemented, but just an idea.

yeah, it really sucks when in my chally when a single apfsds rod gets hit and i go to the moon.

they’d have to add different types of ammunition to the damage calculator

currently I assume it just has ammo and then an explosion probability multiplyer for the vehicle

They already do the challengers ammo visibly changes whether you load HESH or APFSDS yet it will still detonate when hit regardless which doesn’t make any sense, its been this way since release and it significantly harms the challengers survivability, both HESH and sabot should not explode when hit it doesn’t make any sense