Two AH-60 win the game without any trouble

Is this the way the game should be played?
2 AH-60 just dominating the whole game?
MAW for easy SPAA counter and Spikes to minimize the own risk…

If u like to watch the replay:

CAS needs balance, not nerf → BALANCE!

whole* (sorry)

seems normal

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It’s pretty easy to shoot them down with any SACLOS SPAA

So there were two lumbering helis launching missiles at your team and no one on your team came to the conclusion that it would be helpful to spawn a clean fighter to claim two easy kills?


A new thing I’ve found this update I can consistently destroy the incoming spikes with interception, the issue being I have 8 missiles and can’t rearm freely and safely. This is a noted problem Gaijin is aware of though and in their roadmap they stated they’re looking in to adding a way for SPAA to rearm themselves.

Gaijin needs to break down and model point defense vehicles as SPAA so there can be actual counter play to FNF munitions. This would finally remove any excuse to not model the AGM-114L as well.


Just an idea, there should be automatic modes for SAMs and capable SPAAGs to shoot down munitions from aircraft, you should also be rewarded for doing such actions, you could get something like “Iron Dome”, “Umbrella” medals.

not if they hover very low above the horizon and they dodge as soon as the MAW is crying…
no chance for SACLOS

watch the replay, i tried

not eveyone is a good pilot and if u get bullied by spikes you man not have spawn points for that

unless the map is an open field they aren’t going to be able to see most of the enemies from that close to the horizon

Not every vehicle can perform on every map. the counts for Helis as well as for tanks.

I’m assuming that you have unlocked the Gepard 1A2 since you have so many German vehicles, it that correct?

yes, not helping when the helis are 6+km away