TV Missile Lock Distance

Recently I was wondering about the distance at which I could lock on to the long range (more than the stabilisation distance of the camera) TV guided missiles present in the game, to see if the distance corresponds to that indicated by the stat card.

  • The Kh-29TE can be locked on and fire at 30km, which corresponds to the stated distance
  • I don’t own a Su-25SM3 so I don’t know if the KH-38MT can be fired at their stated distance, however, the videos that can be seen online show shots over 20km
  • The AJ.168 can be locked fired at a distance of 33km, which is less than the stated distance of 45km
  • The PGM-500 and PGM-2000 can only be locked and fired from 22km away despite the fact that this must be done from 50km away

So I ask myself a question, why can’t the PGMs be locked and fired sooner ? Is it because it is a missile implemented before the others and the last ones received an improvement in aiming ?

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Do you have any insight on the PGM-2000 and PGM-500’s track range?
im thinking of spading the tornado for CAS, so just wondering.

Are you testing in “clear” conditions in the test flight?

yes, I have tested all these bomb in the same condition, if we supose that the new maximum lock range is 30 or 35 kilometers, the PGM should be able to shoot at this range.

hm, I’m not sure then. It has a 50km range in the code

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don’t use them, you can only lock a moving target at 6 km, on the tornado you should use a mix of GBU to destroy targets

for the range yes but you can’t lock further than 20 km

Thats doing pretty well. My average is 12km.

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this range, mean it can fly 50km, and self destruct. usually lock range is more considered.
Most tv seeker in high br, lock range for tank target is 12km in code, and about 6km in clear weather in actual game.
Most IR seeker, has 20km lock range in code, and about 12km in clear weather in actual game.

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I shot them in ideal conditions, at high altitudes with open terrain

It can be locked on to a stationary target from 30km, but as soon as the target moves, it will not track it.
It will only start tracking at around 10km.

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