Turret returns neutral position

Since the last update there is an issue about the turret movement.I don‘t know if it happens outside of VR. In VR it happens on every tank.

In fact if you start aiming 90 degrees to left or right, after a few seconds the turret moves back forward, even if the aim marker is still facing 90 degrees left or right. This is very annoying if you are aiming in 3rd person view to shoot at an opponent and you loose track of your target.

It does not happen in gunner view, only 3rd person view outside of the tank or in command seat position.

I filed a bug report, but no response.
Turret auto centering in VR error // Gaijin.net // Issues

That’s messed up as if it should keep tracking even if you are looking out to the side because if you look with your mouse, it doesn’ just stop and look foward.

Still GJ has not taken up the bug report. @Smin1080p Why GJ has a issue reporting system if they do not take the incidents up after getting all infos including videos??

I am IT manager and if my helpdesk team would handle tickets with such an attitude i would go an fire them.

The ticket has neither being acknowledged nor touched by GJ since one week!

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I actually PMed a technical moderator (As that is who we need to con tact apparently) about the default controls playing up currently due to a modifier situation. I haven’t got a response yet, but that was a few days back.

There’s a definite lack of engagement from a good portion of this communities ‘leaders’ and those ‘responsible’ for things.

Whilst the issue tracker is there, I don’t see it being efficient, or even tended to by anyone other than those looking for backpats, or those being forced to.

Like, it took 2 years to actually make additional guns special rounds not cost SP in Ground RB without being mounted.