Turret acceleration

I wish tanks in WT were more realistic, in lower BR without stabilizers its a bit less noticeable, turrets are a bit more slow but they still follow the reticle pretty fast, there is no acceleration in movement, turret seems to be reaching full speed immediately, once you aim at something the turret just snaps where you want. Its hella noticeable in tanks with stabilizers. I feel like it takes a ton of realism and skill out of the game, i wish they changed that someday ;/
I feel like we could compare it to cod …


True. I wonder if on real life tanks there is acceleration of turret so it take a while to reach full speed of rotation…

There must be, otherwise crew inside would have to deal with very responsive movements left and right, i saw a video with abrams shooting and turrent movement was very smooth, even though gunner was standing he wasnt thrown around inside
Its visible here that turrets accelerates, reaches full speed and then slows down before full stop

full video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu6EZOtwN5Y)

Haven’t you posted this complaint before? I feel like its been made already…

Anyway. Modern tank FCS and mechanisms are very powerful. They pretty much can accelerate to full traverse speed within a second or two. Stopping is actually the hard part. Turret drives need brakes in order over come the inertia of tons of metal moving. If you listen to audio of an M1 turret trying to come to a stop, that screeching sound is the turret brake.
Earlier tanks also really don’t have any delay or acceleration because the traverse reduction gear was directly attached to the hand crank. So as fast as the gunner could crank on the wheel, that was as fast as the turret would go. The reduction leverage is designed to overcome even if the turret is on an unbalancing incline, so it has enough torque to spin the turret.
As for why Gaijin doesn’t model that behavior, its because there is no way they can gather that fine a torque profile of the various tanks, so they default to what is most playable.

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Or just default every tank to 1 sec. acceleration. Nobody gets better or worse aiming while overall experience will be better.

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Stabilizer implementation is just really poor and desperately need to be reworked.


You won’t like it. Not only will there be traverse lag, there will be turret backlash, basically the gun going back and forth trying to get onto the aiming circle.
Its a game not a simulator.

Okay this a totally deja vu thread and its creeping me out.

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Just the acceleration. Keep the stopping as it is now.

pretty sure this game already has turret acceleration modeled, that clip in the beginning is barely even moving from spots.

It wouldn’t change anything. I would prefer to see barrels collision against walls, trees and other vehicles.

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That would be the most annoying feature ever introduced in gaming.

We already have enough bugs in the game. Last thing we need is players touching a building with their barrel and their tank getting yeeted into the air.

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