Turn off anime decals! - A quick and easy Guide


Basically since the first addition of anime related decals there have been strong opinions against them. Recently, such opinions have once again spiked with the addition of the body pillow decorators and more decals, often from content creators, featuring anime art style.



The reasons for this can vary quite significantly, from historical reasoning to more personal ones.

This has caused multiple players to suggest a feature to turn such customization options client side, effectively removing them from their personal game experience, but not from the actual game.

However, this feature is already present in the game.

This will be a quick guide for how, that will hopefully pop up whenever someone tries to make a new post regarding the topic, and hopefully improve the gameplay experience for as many players as possible.

The actual Guide

First, you’ll need to open the drop down menu in the top left and select “Options”, which should be the top most option in any language setting.

Upon selecting the options, you should stay under the “Main Parameters”, where you should be automatically. Here, you’ll select “Customization of vehicles”, which is the 13th option from the top, highlighted in the screenshot.

Here, you’ll find decal settings labelled “Show content in the battle” for each major game mode. If you want to hide anime content, make sure these are set to “Except fictional”, as shown in the first image.
If they are set to “Any” instead, click on it and select the “Except fictional” option from the drop down menu.


AH-1S Kisarazu

As some of you might be quick to point out, not all anime content in game is fictional. Currently, the premium AH-1S (IV ATH) comes with a completely historical anime artwork.



This can not be hidden, however considering the time spent looking closely at the side of another helicopter will be limited, and even then it is a historical depiction of real military personnel it won’t deter from the historical experience any more than a pin-up clad WWII bomber would.


Additionally, if you want to play this helicopter yourself, you get the option to use a standard tricolor camouflage.



Fictional decorators, such as the body pillow decorators, are not included in the setting, and will always stay visible.



This also has some historic backing to it, however I can imagine this might still be a little more controversial than the previous limitation due to their rather “semi-historical” status.




I hope this guide could help some of you improve your gameplay experience and will prevent some of the less civil interactions that sometimes appeared on the topic.


You might want to get one of the forum mods to close replies on this post and pin it in one of the academy parts before someone makes a comment that gets it removed for good.


and you, my friend, are the true hero👍


Tbh I dont understand why some people freak out ove the body pillows/anime decals.


Worth noting that this only works for decals.

Body pillows and other decorations(neon signs, bikes, etc.) can’t be disabled

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Thanks, I didn’t know that.

I’ll change that and add it to the limitations section.

Great guide for those that like arcade/whitewashed history.
Real life soldiers use anime decals after all.


What are you even talking about?

This is a guide showing people how to disable non historical decals, specifically anime ones since those are slightly controversial.

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what? are you really ready this post correctly?


It’s worth mentioning that other non-historical decals (namely CC/event decals, etc) will also be hidden with this setting, so if you only want the anime decals gone specifically, well you’re out of luck (an idea that popped in my head is a mod to replace the texture files pertaining to these decals with a blank transparent one, but I’m just spitballing)

Personally I don’t mind these decals at all, I see them as no better or worse than your average WW2 pin-up. Hell I even use them on vehicles I like (namely the Tiger UHT, Leopard 2PL, and Mi-28NM among many others). Though I also understand that some people might not be particularly fond of these or anime culture in general (and they don’t have to).

To be fair there are more questionable stuff over on WT live, but those are purely client-side. No harm no foul. The decals/body pillows we have officially are relatively tame in comparison (especially compared to ahem real body pillows)