Turm III to 9.0

Since we’re all seeing a spam of Turm IIIs, let’s discuss it’s BR.

  • STAB
  • 5 second reload autoloader
  • 30mm coax
  • 12 degrees of depression
  • light, fast chassis

Ignoring all other perks it has. why does it have STAB at 8.0 while many other vehicles that don’t have STAB?

It has no disadvantage that many other 8.0 tanks have. The only disadvantage you could argue is the lack of armor. But anyone who plays this game knows armor is irrelevant at this BR. Especially if you trade armor for a STAB and high forward/backwards acceleration.

Turm III vs M103?
Turm III vs M48A2?
Turm III vs AMX-30B2?

There are a lot of tanks very similar to the Turm III at BR 9.0. Yet it sits at 8.0?


The best comparison is the TURMS vs PTZ89. TURMS has very low spalling turret that often eats shots. PTZ has ammo racks in nearly every area that can be hit. TURMS has 12 degrees depression, PTZ has 5. Both have 5s reload. TURMS is faster. TURMS has the better 2ndary gun by a lot. Both have effective no armor. Neither have thermals. PTZ has a significantly larger turret. While the PTZ has the better round by a lot, its also a TD vs the TURMs medium. PTZ is 8.7, TURMS is 8.0.

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My man, please edit TURMS to TURM III otherwise a lot of people will be confused.

I agree the Turm-III is problematic. I don’t think 9.0 is the answer because 9.0-9.3 is in desperate need of decompression (pulled up by the higher 10.0 population), but generally something has to be fixed. I’m a Turm-III user myself, but I just want my vehicles to be competitive, not OP.
Come to think of it, a lot of BR ranges need decompression quite urgently. I play 5.3 Germany for example, and despite the constant full uptiers I do well, probably because the Tiger and Panther are very good even against 6.3, but when I play US 5.3 it’s just a horrible experience. It doesn’t hold well at all.

Lets see another 8.0 tanks.

T-55A stab + APFSDS
Type69 stab + APFSDS
M60A1 (AOS) stab + APDS/HEATFS
Vickers MK.3 stab + APDS/HEAFS
Type 74 stab + APDS/HEAFS
M48A2G2 no stab but APFSDS
T95E1 no stab but APFSDS

Turm 3 is very similar than the others 8.0 tanks.

Are you drunk??? in 9.0 you cand find APFSDS, Thermals and reactive/composite armor and Turm 3 dont have any of these things.


The Turm III at 8.0 is like the EBR (1954) when it was first released at 4.3, it should definitely be at 9.0 or atleast 8.7


except for the speed and the reload i think

And protection or survivability, becuase i think none of the others 8.0 tanks can be one shot with a single 30mm hit in the turret.

No armor is just as often worse as it is better. I’ve shot those things with brit APDS even before the recent nerfs and it was nearly impossible to generate postpen on that turret.

TURMS is better than any other 8.0.
Type 69 has 220 pen apfsds. Less pen than the Tiger 2 and mediocre postpen due to low speeds after penetration. On a T55 chassis with nearly nothing going for it by. It really should be a 7.7
M60A1 is truly the average of everything. Not great, but not terrible.
Vickers is using APDS which is currently non-functional. Its also got just enough armor to generate good internal postpen but not enough to stop actual rounds, meaning it has the worst of both worlds.
Type 74 i have no experience with.
M48A2G2 is an outdated tank that has to be played as a tank destroyer at best, but is in a world of stab+thermals that it can’t compete in.
T95E1 is still the 2nd slowest tank in the game when turning under power. It takes TWICE as long for a the T95E1 to complete a single W+A rotation as compared to an IS4. It also gets short APFSDS and has no stab.
T55A is the only competition, with short APFSDS rods but most of the rest of the tank being functional average or above average.

The TURMS meanwhile gets double (or more than double in some cases) the depression of most 8.0s, a 30mm cannon, armor than generates nearly no postpen, and an ammo rack that is FAR too durable. When it came out you could detonate the 30mm rack easily, but they buffed the hell out of it to the point i can direct hit it with HEAT rounds and watch it turn shades of red.

Its not a 9.0 tank, but its not an 8.0 tank either.

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There are alot other tanks with stabilizers and even more firepower + armor at 8.0.

So I don’t get why the Turm III is special. The only thing the other stab’ed ones don’t have is imho that they aren’t German. I guess thats once more the main issue. Or why aren’t you complaining about the T-55A or Vickers 3. etc etc.

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Maybe next time you should shot int he GIANT ammor rack, becuase even 30 mm can pen and oneshot in that zone.

Turms yes, Turm 3 no.

OMG, really??? that less pen round is a APFSDS and can pen frontally T-44 frontal armor for example meanwhile the Tiger 2 APHE cant. But yes a 200mm frontal armor MBT with stabilizer, HEAT and APFSDS vs 6.7 tanks is perfeclty balance LMAO.

The best round for the Turm3 is his APDS but now is non-fuctional, ok.

T-55A is undertired basically the only tank with stab, armor and good APFSDS.

This sound like a brutal l2p issue. Maybe you should play it first.

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Yeah… “very similar”… also check the win rates for those tanks against the turm III. The turm is way overpowered my man. Gaijin needs to stop with these pay to win tanks.

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Turm 3 right now sit in 55% win ratio… clearly a super op undertiered tank…

Is a good tank but not op, i play it and i face it a lot of when play soviets 7.0 and 8.0 or US 8.0 and never i have it problems against this tank.

Turm 3 at 9.0?? I agree with it being too low a br right now (8.0) but it is not good enough to warrant a full 1 br increase

Win ratio is not a good metric, especially because it is a premium and recently a sale, new players are buying it and doing poorly in it

Its win ratio its above the other tanks you mentioned. Stop trying to defend your purchase bud.

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My purchase?? i played more often soviets than germans in that BR. The only diference is im not a allied fanboy crying hard every time germany get a new toy.
Turm 3 is perfectly fine at 8.0.

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In addition to what you have listed the Turm III doesn’t have a laser range finder unlike almost all other 8.0+ tanks, which gives them a huge advantage outside of knifefight situations.

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Makes an invalid point → Gets called out for it → Calls ppl fanboys. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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There are many things that influence the win ratio of a vehicle besides its own capabilities.

It’s just been on sale. There is an influx of them. It is not a 9.0 tank.